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Samsung S20A300N hurts eyes help


Right off the assembly line
i bought new samsung SyncMaster S20A300N /S20A350N led 20 inch, its such a great display but after about half hour of usage, it starts irritating the eyes, i've searched the internet on this but no good.
Brightness, contrast, color controls do not help, i've tried i tried calibration helped like 10%, i've tried keeping it away like 50 to 100 cm away from eyes, not much help.
My view is that even in less brightness setting the lighting coming out of the monitor is the culprit, i think its led issue.
there is no such problem with 18.5 inch hp LCDs at my college.

any solution, any recommended settings, please help, any samsung led user may help.

i came up with the idea that if i get an anti glare screen like i had for my CRT, it would be good.
Anti- glare screen is just black tinted glass, it used to hung in front of the screen with the help of straps which were hooked into holes above the crt monitor.

Do we have that kind of thing for LCD/LED flat screen? anybody seen it?
anybody knows where can i buy it in chandigarh?

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