Budget Thermal Compound, Suggestions?


My laptop is idling around 60c these days, so i think it's time to change the thermal compound after 1.5years or so, have my eyes on deepcool z5, but any other suggestions in the same price range under ₹500 would be appreciated.


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nobody's replying.
I searched a bit, all the good ones cost over 900 INR.
Do let me know when you decide on a thermal compound. and I'll be updating this thread when I buy one.


well, the temp difference is really good in a laptop, had to apply to both CPU and GPU.

Dell Diagnostics:
Before Application: Highest 77°C
After Application: Highest 69°C
Difference: 8°C on load.

Before Application: 55°C-60°C
After Application: 48°C-50°C
Difference: 7-9°C

So, I am really happy with the results, now just need to do gaming tests as well, though i didn't note the CPU and GPU temps before application.:sweating_NF: Though confident that laptop would feel much more cooler while gaming now. :grin_NF:

Current IDLE Screenshot:
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