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  • And yea, quitting smoking and drinking saves one's time, energy and money in a very big way. Hope you are not doing that :)
    Rishabh, you shouldn't be confused about it at all. IMO, life is not about attachment to the Indian culture, Veda, flute etc or anything. Once you realise that you'll be appreciating and understanding the Indian culture, Veda, flute etc much better. Delving deep into the Vedic knowledge is not my only hobby. I'd been playing guitar for over 8 years now. There are various other activities like gymming, then there is linuxing because of which I was drawn to this forum. The list is huge. So don't be bothered about it. Do all the activities that you like and yeah, you can obviously save time by cutting it out on FB, MTV, watching cricket etc. Its awesome that you are learning flute and IMO, learning musical intruments seriously enhances the will power more than anything else. So you see, there is no reason to worry. :)
    I'll read that book in some time as I'm really not getting much ample time. SLowly and steadily...But yea, yogis and people mesmerised by higher knowledge do tend to keep themselves involved in higher activities. Aurobindo was a freedom fighter, who then spent some 40 years in isolation doing meditation when he wrote more than 20 books , AFAIK. His book savitri is a continuous poetry from what I have heard and his whole collection a standard in western countries. Perhaps it was also because of his fluent English that he could relate the Indian thought in English as closest as possible.
    Damn, you are putting me on cloud 9 :(

    Anyways, yea I bought that book only. Most of the authors do know each other. One of my friend, an author, personally knows David Frawley and NS Rajaram. I have had arguments with Koenraad Elst. Just like Big corporate heads or politicians know each other, similarly there is a network of like minded authors as well. :)
    To the Europeans, it seemed like a crap where they saw Indians talking about cows, horses, too many "gods" and hence termed Indians as animal worshippers and tagged Indians as polytheistic not even understanding that the whole science is beyond theism/polythiesm/monotheism/atheism/modern material science etc. Funny people and modern Indians even funnier.

    Btw, I bought that book you told about. Will read it whenever the time prevails. :)
    The nritraj dances on a dead body of a demon who signifies the demonic qualities inside a human like greed, lust, anger etc (read chapter 16 of gita) and so there is always a struggle between the devas (the agni/will, indra/intellect/thunder etc and the demons). The serpent on which Vishnu sleeps signifies the infinite time and space, and that which is sleeping on it, that because of which the whole universe if bound together, that which the cause of all cause and the effect itself but still beyond any cause and effect, is called as Vishnu. We can talk about it in detail in sometime.
    Similar is the case with shiva-shakti where our own body is seen as mount kailash where perfect consciousness is presiding on us (shiva) and shakti seen as the flow of individual consciousness together with will power rising up to meet Shiva, hence the saying "With the unfolding of shakti, the man becomes shiva" and that Shiva is considered as the perfect yogi. Similarly, the our arts represent a deep hidden meaning as well. The dance of shiva "Nataraja" comes from the word "nrit" in sanskrit, meaning to dance. The correct pronunciation is "nritraj" but in english it has become "nataraj". Of the four hands one signifies, creation (manifestation to be precise), other destruction (dissolving into the unmanifest to be precise), one with drum signifies the play of consciousness/energy/maya etc and one teaching us to be detached from all this play of consciousness, to be unperturbed.
    Yes, its true. Its called abrahamic conditioning to be precise. The modern breed of Indians view all these terminologies through the abrahamic framework. "Gou" (Cow) metaphorcally represent the rays of enlightenment, ashwa(horse) the speed or the universal existence, saraswati as the river of universal wisdom, agni (fire) as the psycholigical will etc. The vedic rishis used metaphors with twin meanings where the river saraswati naturally fitted into the metaphor, the flow of eternal wisdom. The intensity of heat (agni) is similar to that of psychological will and so it is a natural substitution into a peotic form of writing.
    hehe yeah :)
    But when you'll learn sanskrit and relate it with the english translations of the scriptures, you'll understand how gross distortion, IMO, pollution occurs contextually and linguistically and how english is a much inferior language bland and literal in taste and without the level of creativity and poetic luster as available and expanded in sanskrit. I don't like to judge, but I really feel, that people without the knowledge of sanskrit and Indian texts, ignorant even about the Indianness are unfortunate and clueless of the real creativity, art, poetry, deep sense of metaphors and understanding. And so I feel sad for the macaulayites and people suffering from max-muller syndrome. :(
    RIshabh, that means a lot to me :)

    Anyways, learning sanskrit is not very difficult. The one and only thing that matters in sanskrit the most, IMO, is its vocablury and the next would be the knowledge of root words. e.g "vid". The various forms forms of vid would be veda (knowledge), vidyaan (scholar), vidya (science), avidya (nescience) etc. Since it is highly modular, you do not need to mug up the definition of every word as it will come naturally to you with your increasing proficiency.

    Delhi has many sanskrit teaching colleges. Try contacting Arysamaj too. As for books, your can get sanskrit vyakaran by parmanand gupt. :)
    I'm really glad you read the link on Max-Muller Syndrome. :)

    Yeah, I've been keeping a tab on that thread for better observations. The modern breed of Indians is damn predictable, hopelessly brainwashed, take pride in demeaning their cultural pride. This is what we call as children of macaulay or simply macaulayites!

    Keep reading that thread and you'll find everything predictable as you know. :)
    No matter how much you debate, another breed would still come and repeat the same assumptions, judgments and conclusions. It becomes a nice observation to know how much the Indian mind has been conditioned by the abrahamic and western framework and terminologies. Ironically, this breed of Indians are the ones who are bad mouthing the Indian heritage, culture and scriptures whereas the westerners are actively reading, picking up concepts, giving them new and fancy names and marketing it in west.

    Then the same breed of Indians who hated the book by its Indian cover start glorifying the marketed western cover. Yoga nidra becomes lucid sleep as Rajiv Malhotra points out and yoga, meditation and science of chakras become "new age".

    BTW, this forum is an excellent laboratory to understand the "modern viewpoint" be it assumptions, conclusions and blind judgments. It just helps you to write better where it is actually needed! :)
    Read this : http://www.chakranews.com/the-max-muller-syndrome-distorting-hinduism-part-1/1348

    Lord Macaulay and MAx muller wanted to create a class of Indians who'd be Indian in color but british by intellect and who'd uphold the supremacy of English/western literature. You can see the results in front of your eyes where the modern breed of Indians are weighing the Vedic concepts like Indra, Bhrahman etc from the abrahamic prisms and treating them like some abrahamic god and hence their polluted conclusions of terming Indian scriptures under "polytheism"". Some call it monotheism not even realizing that these are far from any kind of *theism be it atheism, monotheism, polytheism etc.
    Hey, don't say that. I feel my time has already been wasted again. Those who really want to know will make an effort themselves and the rest is like "bhains ke saamne been bajana". I really didn't want to post anything. :(
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