My eyes hurt after long hours of gaming.


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I'm a graphic designer by proffesion which mean I am on computer for 8 hours at job. After I come home I play video games on computer for 4 hours. The whole thing is very stressful on my eyes. This is one problem even some of you guys might be facing. So what do you suggest me to do to relax my eyes a bit.

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Follow 20-20-20 rule.

After every twenty minutes put your sight on an onject that is 20m or greater than that distance for 20 seconds.

And conciously blink your eyes while looking at monitor.


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I take a short break every 30 mins at work, so I usually dont have any eye strain. but at home I usually sit continuously in front of the monitor for 4-5 hrs. but still my eyes doesn't hurt. but may be its because I keep the brightness very low.


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Seriously, I'd stay away from stuff like that.

Check you monitor brightness/contrast settings. If it's too high, reduce them & vice-versa. Most of the time, stuff like this is because of incorrect brightness/contrast settings - they're kept waay too high.

Take a break every 45 minutes or so. Get your eyes checked.


You can do following things

use screen glare glass even on lcd

keep brightness as minimum as possible.

move ur focus to different things (other then monitor) for couple of minutes..

splash your eyes with water after period of time.. (why ? as eyes get dried out after continuous focusing and you will feel very good after splashing some water in it.)

I have used and am still using all this methods so do it.. I am in same profession as yours.


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The only thing that truly worked for me was giving up gaming for few days and watching movies over on TV. If nothing else atleast the distance makes it easy on the eyes.


This is due to brightness. Reduce it and you'll see quick response.
Don't let a steady sight, keep you eyes blinking while working.
Lower brightness specially if surroundings have less illumination and at night also.


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^yeah its mostly that cfls or tube lights in the room is what is hurting use dimmer / yellow lights and it wont hurt


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You can also try using computer glasses that have UV coating and anti-glare coating, and EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference - designed to reduce radation from Computer screens and other source of EMI)


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If your eyes really hurting then you need to take break off the television or pc whatever you are using. Try to blink your eyes more while watching any content. Most of the people face the same problem just like it is better to blink your eyes on a consistent basis to stay lubricated, otherwise your eyes become dry and you feel uncomfortable.:|
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