1. topgear

    Intel Core i9 Gulftown Chip Sold on Ebay, Forum

    Get your Gulftown in the grey market. The Intel Gulftown chip with its six cores, expected to be called the Core i9, isn't even close to being ready for the market. But somehow engineering samples have been leaking out into the hands of testers. Just last week, we saw benchmarks of an early...
  2. topgear

    Core i9 Engineering Sample Shows 6-Core Power

    Early Gulftown engineering sample previewed. Polish computer site PCLab managed to secure an engineering sample of an Intel chip manufactured on the Westmere 32nm process, containing six-cores and 12MB of L3. Yes, it certainly looks like Gulftown – the codename for what likely will end up...
  3. rajeshjsl

    CSR-GHRDC Top Engineering Colleges 2009 Survey

    Read Here Full Story : -
  4. B

    CSE, EEE, ECE, IT?

    I've just completed my 12th and got a few questions. What's the difference between Computer Science Engineering, Computer Engineering and Information Technology? (I noticed some colleges offering all three) Which is better, Electrical and Electronics Engineering or Electronics and...
  5. K

    Need Help:wat to choose EEE,ECE,CSC,IT?

    Hey u all folks out dere.... wanna need ur help in dis... Actually i'm interested in pursuing engineering after my 12th.... cleared AIEEE and waiting for DCE result.... but i have no idea about all dese fields of engineering as i belong to medical stream.. So plz help me out wid detail ki what...
  6. H

    Fundamental concepts of computer science

    Can anyone give me the title of a good book, which covers the entire four years of Computer science engineering in a single book, with most of the basic concepts like operating systems, data structures, algorithms and so on. It should be refresher for any one who has completed an engineering...
  7. sourishzzz1234

    No to Softwares, anything else??

    Currently am a 2nd yr Computer Science and Engineering student studying in a private engineering college... I want to know if there is any other scope for a job other than in Softwares.... I mean in hardwares etc...... What studies can i do after completing my B.Tech?? And hardware related...
  8. MetalheadGautham

    Marine Engineering

    I have applied for a handful of entrance examinations and among the two major exams, IIT-JEE and AIEEE, I screwed up IIT-JEE big time (expecting double digit marks) and AIEEE I am yet to write but hope to do decently. Based on rankings from these exams, which are the good collages I can target...
  9. B

    Need a laptop for an engineering student

    Hi friends, I am in 2nd year of engineering (CSE) .I would like to buy a laptop before the next sem starts.I don't have any idea about laptops I am an avid gamer ,but at the same time I don't want to compromise on features Please suggest me some good laptops
  10. alexanderthegreat

    Are conventional careers losing popularity and scope?

    Hey all! I have noticed that the students in Classes X, XI and XII are showing a tendency to ditch engineering in order to pursue other non-conventional career lines. Most of my classmates (Class XI) confess that they will not even try to appear in JEE or AIEEE or any other engineering...
  11. INS-ANI


    This section is intended to bring together GATE aspirants. Those who are new to GATE, here are some details: GATE - Structure of the Examination The Latest Pattern From 2007 onwards \The GATE is held every year on the second Sunday of February, across the country in over 100 cities...
  12. T

    My international experience - part 1

    After my engineering in Telecommunication, I had the option of joining a software firm in Bangalore or to go for higher studies. During my 3rd year of engineering I had started researching on different institutes in USA and gave the GRE and TOEFL exams and then applied to some universities...
  13. INS-ANI

    NPTEL-India's OCW(By IITs)

    I found the courses quite helpful and of good quality. They are free, and ready reference for engineering students. i hope the fellow members will find it helpful. We have an orkut community to discuss the same. However, this will be...
  14. comp@ddict

    Real And Ridiculous Amd

    Remember the awesome TDP of 140W in the Phenoms. Well after that came Deneb as many of you are aware. But here's something. The Engineering Sample, STEPPING 0(have a luk at it, it is important) vCore Speed 1.336V 3GHz 1.424V 3.2GHz 1.568 3.4GHz But can you believe what...
  15. New

    Windows 7 will be shown on Oct 27 at PDC

    Windows 7, in large part, has remained fairly elusive thus far. Granted, we wouldn't expect anything different given that it's still years out from being formally titled and pushed to market, but it's still great to hear that we'll be hearing more shortly. The new Engineering Windows 7 (E7 for...
  16. gauravsuneja

    ms in usa ? biomedical engineering for mbbs is it possible

    This is to inquire about the prerequisite qualification for enrollment in masters in biomedical engineering i am an international student in india my GRE score is 920(cat) and TOEFL score is 94 (ibt) .and i am graduate in medicine and surgery(M.B.B.S) from a reputed government university fo...
  17. comp@ddict

    AMD Phenom 45nm Deneb @ 3.4GHz

    Source- It's still an engineering sample. It's set to be released by April 09.
  18. iinfi

    Meet India's youngest MTech from IIT Madras

    Meet India's youngest MTech from IIT Madras i didnt even know wat engineering was at the age when he started with BE......
  19. panacea_amc

    Engineering Coachings

    thank u folks. this thread is now closed.
  20. shashank_re

    Engineering in USA

    .I have completed my 12th std this year and iam interested in pursuing my graduation(engineering) in US.How good is engineering there? Since i have not yet given SAT & Toefl,i can get admission there only in Jan 2009. What do you guys say? Please pour in your suggestions...
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