1. A

    Career Advice after Engineering

    I'm currently in 3rd year of engineering and you must be expecting me to know Programming . Well I don't really know if I have Interest to write programs but I'm at stake point of life and now tryna get into Programming as I have to develop few programs by the end of this semester . I happened...
  2. Æsoteric Positron

    50k - 65k Lappy recommendation?

    So, covid happened. I am in need of a new lappy now. I have a few in mind - My needs include online teaching for now, later this would...
  3. TigerKing

    Laptop for engineering student below 45k

    Studying M.Tech Mechanical Engineering (Energy) Please suggest a good laptop. 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) Ans - 45k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Ans - 15” 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? Ans - ETAP, AUTOCAD...
  4. T

    do btech/law or start business

    Hi , i m from bihar .. passed cbse 12th board with 59% marks this year. took normal graduation admission in university.. Now willing to take admission in btech or law.. or should i start business here some type of wisp provider,having a computer shop too.with things like web designing etc.. Or...
  5. isenberg

    what kind of job can I expect?

    Hello guys... I took admission into engineering (cse) again after 2 years of gap.... I am really serious about getting a job after the degree and making the most out of it... I am interested in programming even though I am pretty novice in c++ and c... I want to get a job as a programmer after...
  6. B

    What to do after BBA (Distance learning)? MBA?? :( depressed (long post)

    EDIT: My problem in short : Did BBA (distance education) and now i'm confused what to do. Should i go for MBA or prepare for SSC-CGL? Hi guys, Please bear with me and read this, I will try to keep this as short as possible. 2011: I completed my class 12 (PCM) in 2011 and wanted to pursue...
  7. D

    Any hope after B.E

    My b.e mechanical exams will soon be over. After 2 year drops my interest in studies was gradually over. I was studying just for the sake of passing the exams. I was interested in doing engineering but it has become a nightmare for me. I have seen guys with first class sitting jobless after...
  8. elafanto

    What courses or things to learn before entering engineering.

    My younger brother will pass out his 12th this year. And will take admission for engineering. Branch not specified. Actually he is looking for IIT or NIT or any big name. And now he will be free for almost 2 months So can anybody suggest me what will be better for him? I am asking him to go...
  9. P

    Laptop under 60k

    I am considering to buy Lenovo Ideapad Z510(i7 varient) ( Will it be a wise choice to buy this laptop? I am on a tight budget of 60k(not even 1 rupee more)...I am a computer engineering student &...
  10. S

    Need a laptop for engineering student under 35000INR

    Hello techies , I wanna buy a laptop near 35k INR . PROCESSOR: Intel core or if performance comparable then i dont mind AMD. RAM-4GB . GRAPHICS: I play gta 4 , sufficient one would b helpful. Battery 3hrs min . Considerable display. Please help me out guys . I'm poor family guy , i've taken a...
  11. A

    Topics for engineering final year seminar

    Hi friends... I am a 4th year engineering IT student.I am in search for some interesting seminar topics..Can u people pls help me by suggesting some latest topics for the seminar presentation??thought this is the best place to ask for...:-)
  12. tech0freak0

    Want engineering ebooks....?

    Guys plz can u, some share important ebooks for engineering. As i'm doing computer science engineering, plz share some books related to computer science. Thanks..
  13. M

    Need a laptop for gaming and Engineering

    Hello guys! I need a laptop for gaming and for mechanical engineering. Some of the softwares are really a hog and they do kneel down even very high end laptops. And desktops are out of option as i will be needing it on the go. Battery life is not an issue. My minimum requirements are:-...
  14. W

    75% engineering students in Rajasthan unemployable

    75% engineering students in Rajasthan unemployable To check the quality and standards of technical education in Rajasthan, Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Udaipur, has conducted a study, which has surprised many. A whopping 75% of the total engineering students are ‘unemployable’...
  15. harshilsharma63

    Securing placement after college

    Hi. I'm currently pursuing B.Tech. in CSE from a private engineering college. I'm currently giving my 4th semester exams (tomorrow is my last exam :excited:). I took an educational loan for my education, and hence, getting a placement is critical for me. the problem is that, I don't know much...
  16. Revolution

    Looking for help regarding study from Architect Engineering Student

    Hi, I'm looking for suggestion on Architect Engineering Diploma.
  17. C

    laptop for computer science engineering

    i am new to this forum so please help me out. i need a laptop that would be sufficient for the cse(computer science engineering) course. i dont know what all software i would have to use. i ocassionally play some games. i want a 13-14 inch light laptop. my engineering college will start from...
  18. M

    Engineering Stream Related Queries

    i'm aspiring to be an engineer. but wait ! I have to choose a field first. I Googled for some websites which could tell me that Engineers in _____ Field do _____________ when they go to Jobs. and found very little piece of advice, so, sharing whatever goo i got from Google here. though the main...
  19. Y

    which course should i opt for if i am interested in computers and cell phones

    I am interested both in computers and cellphones.I wanted to join computer engineering since I already have some experience in C++ and java but now computer market seems to be down(14% decline in sales) IMO it has lost it to smartphones and tablet industry.Is a degree in computer science and...
  20. S

    which is good laptop for engineering student?

    Hi guys, I am saravanakumar studying engineering from tamiladu. I need a good laptop with high performance with modern UI fecility. I not a gamergamer. I have to buy laptop with 3 to 4years service minded. My budget is 50k.I am heavy worker for 12 to 18 hours a day. I...
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