1. pirates1323

    Career: bca-mca good ?

    I have completed my 12th with commerce... I knw vb,oracle cuz I had Informatic practices in 11-12th... im interested in programming and security ..i knw little php as well... i wnted to knw wht best can be done in the field of IT to get the best renumeration in the industry.. as Im not a science...
  2. knight17

    M.Sc Software Engineering [?]

    Anyone here know about M.Sc Software Engineering course, integrated 5 years one. I want to know whether you are given a single certificate or two? Any help is appreciated?
  3. INS-ANI

    XP or Vista

    Hi guys, I have a query. I have just booked an inspiron 1420. As i have no experience with vista, i request you to share urs. I expect XP to run faster than vista on 1 GB RAM. Beside With vista i may face problem with compatibility, especially mp3 and MS office! I am an electronics and...
  4. NucleusKore

    IIT starts live telecast of lectures

    In a major initiative, the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IIT-B) Wednesday started telecasting its lectures free of cost to engineering colleges around the country. Read On........
  5. Third Eye

    Neither Vista Nor Leopard Are Bulletproof

    Microsoft has been beating the old drum of Windows Vista as the most secure Windows operating system on the market since it hit the selves. Similarly, Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, the successor of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger is applauded for taking on the legacy of a high standard for security synonymous with...
  6. S

    Software Engineering - Pressman - 3rd edition

    hey guys, i got my univ exams next week.. my syllabus they have prescribed Software Engineering - Pressman - 3rd edition... i cant find the book nywer... can u ppl atleast provide me wit an ebook link. look i m makin this req outta desperation... plz help.. would b gr8ful..
  7. A

    People from Hassan

    hi! I am Adithya U from hassan.Currently studying 1st sem BE(IT) in Malnad College Of Engineering. I want to know how many are there from Hassan in Digit Forum
  8. J

    Financial Tweak

    Hi Guys I am a engineering student in bangalore. I have some free time now and i wanted help from you guys in making some pocket money. I tried web hosting and got a cheque from google but i am looking for some other avenue bcoz setting up website and requires some time......I just went...
  9. A

    What to choose COLLEGE or COURSE???

    I am doing MECHANICAL from D.C.E. (and have completed my FIRST YEAR) I may get following branches at IIT this Year . Can you please help me which branches should i prefer to take (and leave D.C.E) if i get them, and what should be order of preference 1. IIT DELHI Textile 2. IIT Roorkee Pulp...
  10. rakeshishere

    The Secret Behind Microsoft Vista Slogan Birth !!

    Bertrand Serlet, Apple's senior vice president of Software Engineering, during session 000 at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2006
  11. D

    MCA V/S Computer Engineering

    Is Master of Computer Applications (MCA) equivalent to Bachelor of Engineering in Computer ?
  12. leanpaws

    Book on Pressure Vessels

    could someone kindly tell me where i can download books on mechanical engineering ? need one on 'Design of Pressure Vessels' thanks, leanpaws
  13. mihirvashist

    Social Engineering

    hi everybody i'm going to give a very short tutorial on social engineering social engineering is an art where an attacker tries to lure out information out of a victim by using name of a firm,i'll explain via an example:- suppose i'm an atacker i call a person and tell him that i am calling from...
  14. S

    Need software help for growing engineer's

    i doing my engineering, i planned to learn some basic and professional softwares that could be used for me in my carrier i dont know the titles of many softwares it you know please tell me what can i learn for my studies iam an MEchanical engineering student thanx
  15. C

    I need a MENTOR

    I am an engineering student of final year computer science and engineering.... i m developing a download manager for Linux environment.... and i need mentor ... the UI will be designed using qt and i plan to code the back end in C++ .... if someone can metor me for the project i would be...
  16. K

    can u tel which software

    Hi, I am looking for a software(which will help design houses or designs on a pc and make changes etc), for a friend of mine,who is an interior designer. I hav heard of CAD etc,but are they for interior design stuff or for engineering stuff.Plz name softwares which will be easy to master...
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