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Marine Engineering

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I have applied for a handful of entrance examinations and among the two major exams, IIT-JEE and AIEEE, I screwed up IIT-JEE big time (expecting double digit marks) and AIEEE I am yet to write but hope to do decently.

Based on rankings from these exams, which are the good collages I can target for Marine Engineering course ?

I am looking for B.Tech or BE in Marine Engineering because I heard the B.Sc Nautical Sciences degree offered by a couple of famous institutes based on IIT-JEE rank has little value compared to BE/BTech. Is it true ?

EDIT: and how is this collage ? http://www.iameindia.org/ Is it worth getting into ? Does it have good placements and salary offers and is it recognised ?
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If you screwed up IIT big time then dont have high hopes with AIEEE too coz the paper standard of Aieee increased a lot last year and more or less u will feel the same which you felt while giving JEE. For marine engg thr is a good college in kolkata. Will find out n let u knw.
I screwed up in IIT because of several things out of CBSE syllabus. AIEEE may be tough, but atleast they ask same stuff which I learnt in the past 2 years and which I DID study well. So I am much more confident there.
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