1. A

    for class 12th pcm group, engineering aspiring students.........(quality of an engineering college)

    whenever a student in india from physics, chemistry, maths group passes his class 12th then, many of the students give the engineering entrance exams..........there are the conclusions in life, which you expect to have matured at, some time earlier in your life. one is such a discussion relating...
  2. A

    beware, class 12th students aspiring for engineering.......

    hi friends i have completed my studies from a crap engineering college.... i would like to suggest you that please do a deep research about any particular private engineering college(which is not in top 40 in any of the national survey for the engineeing colleges, generally conducted by the...
  3. R

    Best JAVA certification class [ MUMBAI ]

    Guys, i want to learn advanced java + do my java certification. Even learn android. I've finished doing my engineering in Computer's. So in your opinion which is the best class.
  4. T

    What to do after 12th ? [PCM + CS student]

    I'm a PCM + Cs student and I'm just going to begin with my 12th standard. I'm really confused about what should I do after my 12th. 1 year before, I thought of cracking IIT-JEE. But after getting the taste of Science for 1 year, I'm beginning to think that JEE isn't my cup of tea. Only...
  5. isenberg

    Engineering from private ?

    Hello everyone, I've just given my HS final exam and though I know what my passion is, I am finding it very hard to decide which path to choose. My first problem is my age. My H.S exam went well.I expect star mark. But my problem is I am 20 and I've reached the age limit so I can't drop 1 year...
  6. ankit.kumar010203

    Is software engineering or Computer Sceince engineering a good career?

    Hello, I want to know that is software engineering or Computer Sceince engineering a good career?:-? Somebody Says that there is no government jobs for or Computer Sceince engineering or software engineering so this is not good career as compare to other and also says that software engineer in...
  7. donnawhite

    Robotics Engineering - Career Opportunities

    Robots have made the human's life easy and used in almost every area therefore here is endless opportunities and have bright career ......... read more about career opportunities in Robotics engineering on this link
  8. S

    Project/Paper Suggestions, CSE 4th Semester

    Hey guys! Looks like most of you are working professionals with vast knowledge. I'm in CSE 2nd year and have 2.5 months of summer holidays. Planning for an internship but IF I don't get one I needed suggestions for some projects for practice and experience. OR a research paper(I have no...
  9. RizEon

    PC for electrical engineering studies.

    Need help on deciding a PC config for friend: his needs: Budget:20k (max 25k but stay as close to 20 as possible) 1. Usage -Net surfing, movies, Photoshop,Dreamweaver, Matlab, GNU Octave and microcap (simulation etc) ...(he's studying electrical engineering, and does part time desinging)...
  10. S

    Engineering project!!

    Hello everyone... I am currently pursuing engineering in Comp Sci. and would like to take ideas for doing a project... I also have a classmate from Electronics who would be my partner. I would be very grateful if you can give us a few ideas on some new and upcoming topics where we can do a project??
  11. G

    Sat study guide

    Hello everyone,i would like someone to help me understand the scope and opportunities of sat in details please.also,how do i prepare for it and how are the scopes of full scholerships,some suggestion of books are also very much appreciated. [i am currently studying in IEM Saltlake,Kolkata but...
  12. S

    Job Options after doing ECE engineering

    I am going to complete my BE ECE next year,so wanted to know Job Options after doing ECE engineering
  13. IronCruz

    Cloud Computing Project!

    Hello. I'm in deep trouble regarding my final year project. Recent technology in CSE is all about Cloud Computing. I Googled and read in Wikipedia. But I'm still not clear about IAAS and PAAS. I want to know what is this "CLOUD COMPUTING" in simple English. And can anybody tell me some project...
  14. A

    Software engineering from Gniit???

    Just completed my +2 now I wanted to go for Gniit software engineering course is gniit a good and reliable institute or should I Join any other institute software engineering course???????
  15. puneet sharma

    IS chitkara university good for engineering ?

    I want to know if chitkara university good for engineering in chandigarh ? How is the placement and campus ?
  16. The Conqueror

    B.E./B.Tech Colleges in Pune/Mumbai

    I am expecting CET results next week, so which engineering colleges should I look out for in Mumbai or Pune for CSE?
  17. A

    please help!!,mere carrer ka sawaal hain?

    hey people i am in big dilemma.ok first i have completed my science stream HSC exam in average marks got 56% at agg. 35 in physics,65 in bio,44 in maths and 55 in heres the question i am thinking of doing bsc in computer science with diploma in software engineering from i am...
  18. rahul_c

    Future of Architects

    I'm confused b/w doing engineering or architecture, I have few queries: >Is scope of architecture as good as engineering, considering lack of interest of people in architecture? >What salories do architects earn? >Isn't similar to civil branch of engineering?
  19. @

    Giveaway : CSE Engineering Stuff

    Guys I have following CS engineering stuff, which would not be useful for me anymore. Let me know if anyone is interested. Of course u have to pay for shipping :P I will wait for 2-3 days or else everything will go to paper-plastic wala xD -Question bank / Question papers -Lab...
  20. K

    in plant training program for engineering students

    hi, i am student of MIT college,can any one organize in plant training for engineering students...
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