1. bhutanesedude

    Error in Joining a domain.

    I am trying to Join my Windows 7 PC to a server 2003. I wanted to join a domain "office" but showing me some error. Can anyone help me with this? The error code I get is this: The domain name "office" might be a NetBIOS domain name. If this is the case, verify that the domain name is...
  2. Zangetsu

    Bandwidth problem

    Hi all, I m using in2net broadband 1Mbps UL plan since 2011. but this month I m facing a weird problem. I download 2hrs in the morning every weekday & I get around 100~120KBps speed but in the evening till 12am the speed fluctuates a lot (hell lot) it goes to 100~110KBps then goes to...
  3. ithehappy

    Should I change DNS server settings?

    I don't hold much of an idea about this but this stupid understands that some DNS addresses are/will be affected on 9th July, i.e tomorrow. I saw this article today on Tech2 which said one can change the DNS address to open servers like Google and else, is that really true and would it be...
  4. ankit.kumar010203

    *9th July - The Internet Doomsday* A malware named DNS changer infected 250,000 users...

    It is reported that by 9th July, Monday 250,000 users will loose access to internet. A virus named DNS changer has infected the users. FBI warns that if not cured these users will loose internet access by this date. The malware, DNS changer, is based on basic internet principle called DNS...
  5. M

    cant change my dns sever

    hey i have to change the dns server for my reliance usb internet connection. and i want to use open dns. but every time i save and reconnect ,dns servers changes to default. is there any way out..i need to use open dns because of stupid TRAI
  6. theserpent

    Facebook not opening in Airtel?

    Hey guys is facebook blocked by airtel its not opening Its giving an dns error
  7. $

    The modem and router configuration page not working

    I know and i remember that i used the modem configuration page and could access without any problems but now when i opened up easy install to configure my router, the installation process gets stuck. :sad: I mean i can't access in the D-Link DIR615 Router and...
  8. justme101

    Intermittent Connection...HELP needed..!!

    I have a reliance broadband connection with an unlimited data usage plan for over 2 years. It worked great till 2 weeks ago. I've been experiencing breaking connection. What i mean is that the connection works fine for a few minutes then suddenly i cannot open any webpage and the downloads(if...
  9. vishalg

    Some websites not loading on my bsnl broadband

    i am facing a weird problem with my bsnl 750ul+ broadband connection some 15 days back the bsnl shifted its servers to new ones in their exchange since then some sites do not load fully on my system (eg. live.in, mobile-review, yahoo mail) dropbox cannot upload files now its gets more...
  10. vidhubhushan

    Seems some Sites Blocked by Tata Photon+

    since today morning, I am unable to open few file hosting / sharing sites - rapidshare uploading filefactory filesonic filesflash fileserve wupload easyshare hotfile the following sites work - megashare megaupload oron i have even changed dns to google dns. what...
  11. socrates

    Vodafone, Acer and the Telegraph suffer DNS hack

    Web provider NetNames targeted Vodafone, Acer and the Telegraph suffer DNS hack | News | TechRadar UK
  12. SlashDK

    Multiple problems with Airtel

    Hi, I'm using airtel Turbo 30GB plan with 4mbps speed. I switched to that plan from impatience 899(4mbps 6GB) this month and have been getting problems ever since. 1. Airtel seems to be throttling the download speed. While download torrents i can barely touch 30kbps with the exception of a few...
  13. Sarath

    How to fix this error?

    [SOLVED] How to fix this DNS error? For the past few days, I have been repeatedly been plagued by this problem. Everytime I try accessing a website I get this message/error: I know nothing about DNS failure and stuff? Help me fix this.
  14. Faun

    Open DNS blocked Steam

    This explains it all. File sharing sites, flickr, pr0n and torrents are also blocked. The fack is this glitch ? Suggest me alternative DNS.
  15. sygeek

    Block Unwanted Ads in All Applications

    How to Block Unwanted Ads in All Applications and Speed Up Web Browsing with the Hosts File
  16. iinfi

    Edit dns free(ware) days end

    FAQs: EditDNS Migration To Dyn (Free And Paying Users) | Dyn Inc. any other good free DNS providers you guys are aware of?
  17. Desmond

    Which alternate DNS is better?

    I am using a BSNL dataone broadband connection. I heard that the BSNL default DNS is not very reliable and I wanted to tryout alternate DNS servers. I came across OpenDNS and Google Public DNS. Which among these do you think is better (faster)? OpenDNS :
  18. R

    DNS error

    i can't open a particular website...it shows me an error msg. "DNS error occurred. Server cannot be found. The link may be broken." i m able to open this webpage from everywhr else...but not from my pc..i connect 2 internet via micromax 3g bnsl device..when i used this device on some other...
  19. M

    Configuring a new router in win 2003 dhcp server?

    Hi, guys how are you doing? I am working in a small company as network administrator. When I joined the company everything was configured by a former network administrator. Right now, I have some difficulties configuring a new Router in DHCP server. Let me explain it in detail. Well, in...
  20. doomgiver

    cannot access website

    hello ppl. i am unable to access a certain website. alpha.astroempires.com/ astroempires.com/ forum.astroempires.com/ these guys had a massive ddos attack last week, so they installed something to block it off. the site is up now, and everyone can use it, except me. i can still access...
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