1. The Incredible


    Hi Friends ! Can any 1 tell me sumthing abt DNS. What is a DNS? What is IP? What is Proxy? What is Hostname or Host Address? What r there uses? How 2 use them?
  2. H

    possibilty of telephony from broadband

    Is it possible to connect to a landline or mobile number from the computer(using Media Ring )when I am using a broadband connection for the internet. I know the gateways and primary and secondary DNS for my Lan. If it is possible what else would I be needing for the connection to be feasible.
  3. P

    DNS poisoning, help needed

    Recently, i started getting weird experiences while browsing my net. Whenever i used to type in some site name in navigation bar of mozilla/opera/ie6 the site never opened up, instead another site used to open up. The site name was *vparivalka.org/ and further lead to www.lycos.la i...
  4. B

    DNS problems

    I tried to sign up for a free domain with DNS. But I'm getting this error message ERROR: Nameserver ns1-rswalker.nswebhost.com is not authoritative for huntred.za.net ERROR: Nameserver ns2-rswalker.nswebhost.com is not authoritative for huntred.za.net what is the problem??
  5. K

    dns error

    when i open IE after connecting net it gives a message, "couldnot open page". and at the address bar message comes up "......dns server error.htm" what is the solution ?
  6. Deep

    Setting up Storefront for Directi

    If you have purchased domain reseller account with directi and wondering how to make subdomain with directi domain control panel then this will help you. Let me explain in few simple step.. Directi Part: First, Log on to your directi resller account panel From menu on the top - Go to...
  7. C

    Domain name doubt

    Guys my free webserver had provided me with two dns servers ns1.dnsserver.com ns2.dnsserver.com My doubt is that if i set the dns server entry with my domain name registrar will I be able to get to my site. Because I have two accounts with the server and both has the same dns servers...
  8. I

    DIAS & D-Link Router

    OS: Windows XP PRO SYSTEM: PIII, PIV, Athlon XP 2000+ with 256MB DDRSDRAM. Router: D-Link DI-707P First of all, let me tell about the router. It has one WAN port to connect a broadband modem and seven (7) LAN ports to connect PCs. There are 1 power indicator(M1), 1 internet indicator(M2), 1...
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