1. tallboy20045

    Wireless Router Configuration with 24Online Cable internet ?

    I have Cable Internet with static IP, DNS, Gateway which is not required modem. My Cable Internet Required Username password authentication via Elitecore product 24Online which also require MAC binding. I want to configure that on my D-Link Wireless 150 DIR 600 Router. I already tired...
  2. emailaatif786

    ASUS RT-G32 Wireless Router

    I have BSNL SmartMax MT880 router, and used to surf internet from LAN connection to it. I have configuration on router as: PVC Number – PVC 0 Wan Type – PPP Connection Type – PPPoE VPI/VCI – 0 / 35 Default Route - Enabled User Name – ********* Password – ******** Use DNS – Enabled...
  3. shaunak

    Sporadic "Cable disconnected" issues - MTNL wireless router

    I am facing a very odd issue with MTNL's wireless router. [Huawei echolife HG520] On startup, I get a "Network Cable Disconnected" error and the "Lan1" LED stays shut. But if I disable and enable it a bunch of times ('bout 3~4 times) from the Network Control Panel, it manages to connect and...
  4. M

    Wi-fi problem

    Hey guys, my config is... a modem - wifi router - pc. i am able to use the internet on my pc absolutely fine. but when i use wifi on my laptop or on my phone, iam not able to upload files sometimes, open some websites sometimes....What could be the issue.? When i face these problems i...
  5. paroh

    Dns server

  6. iMav

    Compare Your ISP DNS Speeds With Google & OpenDNS

    Here's a tool I came across that allows you to compare the speeds of your ISP's DNS to that of Google's & OpenDNS'. All you need to do is download a java file, run it in command prompt with your ISP's primary DNS as an argument to the command. So first download the jar file from here. And...
  7. Gauravs90

    Hands On with Google's Public DNS

    DNS is the switchboard of the internet: Type in a text URL like www.thinkdigit.com, and it finds the numeric IP address to get you there. Google, which seems to be releasing something in just about every consumer-facing software space, has now entered this behind the scenes networking space with...
  8. topgear

    Google Launches Free Public DNS Service

    Google wants to turbo-charge the Internet by providing a public DNS service. Google is apparently trying to rule the world, offering a multitude of services that seemingly leech out into the Internet like an evil network of roots. There's Google Maps, the mobile Android operating system, the...
  9. iinfi

    edit dns Important changes

    i got this mail from edit dns wonder if this is already posted ... is there a similar free service available??
  10. Plasma_Snake

    BSNL DynDNS Config Help

    I've made my BSNL WiFi modem as the PPPoE dialer as I share the Local and Internet access between my desktop,laptop and phone. Now the major services that I intend to use, I've forwarded port for them. Now below is my DNS Server and DynDNS settings. I'm using the default BSNL DNS server IPs...
  11. Worried From Bugs

    Dynamic DNS help

    I want to know about Dynamic DNS for my dnamic IP. What it is and how can I use it? suggest me good D-DNS service websites i want to use a subdomain localhost.rajeshpatel.net Can anyone give instructions? thanx in advance :)
  12. A

    active directory

    Hello everybody Is there any tutorial regarding the problem showing the message "the dsa operation is unable to proceed because of a DNS lookup failure". Plz, help me out. Abhiranjan kumar
  13. Ecko

    XP Woes : No application able to connect to internet

    Just Firefox & Opera are able to connect to internet also uTorrent Works Fine Rest everything else is not able to access internet including Chrome ,IE & Yahoo Messenger Please Help Looks like a DNS issue to me so even I changed the DNS address to Open DNS I'ven't Installed any updates recently
  14. dreams

    Active Directory+Domain Controller+Group Policies

    Hi guys, I am back with another set of queries..This time it is purely technical. Here goes my situation, I have finally purchased a Server and have put Windows Server 2003+SP2+GPMC I have configured AD in it, created GPO. Then from AD Users & computers, created users and put them in...
  15. S

    unable to connect to irc server

    Hi all Since two weeks i am not able to connect to Zagreb.Hr.EU.UnderNet.org using bsnl dataone. I can connect to all other irc servers except undernet. After searching google it looks like many other also have similar problems. So has bsnl blocked this server or what. How do I find out?. I am...
  16. Pearl Groupz

    Yourname.tk Domain name Free for Ervery one...

    Free But With limitations :mad: Link : *www.dot.tk/en/pageA00.html Free Plan : URL Forwarding : Yes Email Forwarding : Yes Create TiKilink: yes Traffic Management :yes Legal ownership of your domain : No Dot TK DNS Service: No Your own DNS: No Hits counter: No Banner Marketing : No...
  17. Sathish

    Confused about Sharing internet... HELP!!!

    Confused about Interent Sharing ... HELP!!! Hello guys, Anybody have an idea about to share internet connection among windows xp systems network without using windowsn server 2003 / Proxy / window's Internet Connection Sharing(ICS) and 3rd party utility... ? Last week, I have shocked that my...
  18. phuchungbhutia

    Internet via mobile.. Too slow internet and mozilla prob

    Internet via mobile.. Too slow internet and mozilla prob I have Airtel gprs and have been using Xp where the speed of internet is around 15 KBps but in Ubuntu 8.04 its so slow like 132 bps i have even put dns and other settings like wvdial and conf. The dns btw is not open dns its airtel dns...
  19. naveen_reloaded

    Domain name and webspace

    Hi all .. i have just now installed vbulletin on freehostia and got a .co.cc domain... just tell me how to link both of these .. i dont want to simply redirect or cloak ... in co.cc i have the DNS management.. and also in freehostia.. wht should i do to get like...
  20. H

    Reliance DNS Error

    Hi friends, This problem has been troubling me for quite sometime now. I could not open some websites.These websites include myspace(the webpage opens but the videos just wouldn't load),a local newspaper's site,etc.I get a "DNS Error" page. Also, I could not update AVG antivirus(both...
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