1. MetalheadGautham

    A Distro for Indian Schools

    Hi Guys! I am on a project to build the perfect distro for common Indian schools with low end computers as an educational tool. I need the distro to fulfill the following needs: 1. Be able to teach anyone about the internals of computing 2. Have an easy to learn commandline mode 3. Be easy...
  2. adithyagenius

    surround sound support?

    I tried ubuntu 8.04 and fedora 9 and tried some tips from websites to enable 5.1. I was able to use 5.1 on fedora 6 and fedora 7 and year back. But now all linux distro I have used are unable to output 5.1. I also tried installing m2a-vm linux drivers on a system with m2a-vm but it got screwed...
  3. thelordrrulzzz

    Help needed in installing LINUX..

    Hello people, I need some help for installing LINUX. Initially i tried installing Linux OpenSUSE 10.2, Fedora and Ubuntu but not a single distro could complete the installation. This is my configuration :- Chipset Vendor Intel Corporation Chipset Model 845G/GL/GE Brookdale Host-Hub...
  4. FilledVoid

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

    Got a question? Check some of Our popular Threads out Before you ask what Distro is suited for you. Which Distro is suited for you Take the below tests as shown in this thread. Test1 Test 2 Test 3 Before you ask for Help Read Me Need a Distro? Request for them Right here...
  5. FilledVoid

    Before you ask for a Distro...

    Before you ask for a Distro What is your purpose ? Are you looking to just casually play around with it here and there? If so why install? Why not just use a Linux Live CD. No changes are made to your Win system and you get to goof around in Linux as well. Or better yet why not install it...
  6. Sathish

    Mandriva 2008 vs Ubuntu 8.04

    Which is the best Desktop distro ... my vote is Mandriva 2008.. It has excellent hardware recong. and gread look and feel with compuz fusion and emrald theme windows decoraters .. in KDE I think ubuntu's look and feel is not up to the mark of Mandriva... Plz suggests various reasons for...
  7. DigitDonz

    Forgot Root Password!!

    I am completely newbie to Linux, I forgot the root password for my Ubuntu 8.04 distro, Is there a way to get it?
  8. MetalheadGautham

    Which Distro is Right For Me ?

    The title sounds familiar ? Ofcourse it does. Its the most common question asked by the average newbie who wants to try out linux, or sometimes even for the user who wants to migrate from one distro to another. This thread is made so that all such questions can be asked here itself, and so that...
  9. The Conqueror

    Best Linux Distro

    I want to know which is the Best Linux Distro available. I had installed ubuntu 7 in vmware , i didnt liked it much. I want a distro which has maximum Features and applications bundled and with an acceptable Good GUI as i am new to linux world and dont know any commands yet. So please suggest a...
  10. Renny

    Problems, nothing but problems!

    I've installed many distros till now but nothing has worked(hanging etc), I tried Vector and Zenwalk but all apps just terminate and close randomly, Xfce keeps getting logged out, What is the problem? Why is all this happening " :( I dont know what to do, If atleast one distro had worked I...
  11. A

    What's the best distro?

    Here are the names of some major Linux distributions. Tell me which one is your favourite Linux. I have voted for Fedora. Which One you like.
  12. praka123

    SourceMage GNU/Linux anyone?

    I am trying many distros after so many years ;) :p first it is archlinux and am sticking withit.now either gentoo or sourcemag is the confusion reg a source based distro. for gentoo aspirants,get drobbins stage3's from *funtoo.org already used gentoo for quiet a long time,but back in...
  13. Renny

    Suggest a distro for my old PC.

    This is my config:- PIII 700 MHz, 256 MB SDRAM, Intel chipset, LG dvd writer, Seagate 20GB HDD, Samsung 15" crt moniter (Onboard 82810 graphics controller, onboard 82801AA AC'97 audio) Suggest a distro for this config. Reason for starting a separate thread was because I...
  14. latino_ansari

    Best Linux????

    Hey I am using Hp Pavilion dv6502au laptop and wanna install a good version of linux... Can u guys suggest me a good linux distro which supports all the hardware in ma laptop without hassels....
  15. NucleusKore

    OpenSuSE 10.3 live USB !!!!!

    Hi all I just made a Open SuSE live USB using the instructions here *en.opensuse.org/Live_USB_stick Its persistant by default. Posting from my live distro now.
  16. antoniobc

    Programing JAVA in Linux

    I wanted to know what tools I could use, that are as powerful if not more that jcreator in Windows, but in Linux. I haven't settled on a distro yet. Anyways, please help me out.
  17. MetalheadGautham

    Linux on USB Drives

    how do I install linux on a transcend tsonic 610 mp3 player without deleting all files in it? Please suggest me a good distro for it. I have everything I listed in the distro request thread(see last few posts)
  18. x3060

    Custom Distro

    Re: Linux Ghandigiri - Invitations for Everyone! why cant we make a Linux disto :-). i wish i could make one with all its bells. just that i dont know Linux much :-(. i wish you guys can take it up and build one :-).
  19. coolpcguy

    Review: DreamLinux 2.2 MM GL Edition

    DreamLinux is a Brazilian distro, based on Morphix, and Debian. The Brazilian connection is evident from the Live CD screen: Dreamlinux runs with Xfce as the default window manager, and it is full of style cues from the Mac OS X environment, the most notable nod being the Application...

    Share files through Bt .

    Hi friends,can u tell me plz how to share files through BT ( between Laptop nd Moblie).Well my Distro is FC6.Thanx in advance:mad:
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