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SourceMage GNU/Linux anyone?

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I am trying many distros after so many years ;) :p first it is archlinux and am sticking withit.now either gentoo or sourcemag is the confusion reg a source based distro.
for gentoo aspirants,get drobbins stage3's from http://funtoo.org

already used gentoo for quiet a long time,but back in 2006 IIRC.
I have read that gentoo is in some sort of crisis or what :? after drobbins left.

So,another Source based semi-(automatic) distro I am gonna try is SourceMage Linux.tonight gonna download and install.
info :-

Source Mage is a source-based GNU/Linux distribution based on a Sorcery metaphor of "casting" and "dispelling" programs, which we refer to as "spells", and a package manager called "Sorcery".

Our packages are designed to allow the user to customize the package any way they want (custom CFLAGS, LDFLAGS, ./configure flags, etc.) as well as offering as many of the package options as possible to the user up-front (you will not need to know what options a package has or what optional dependencies it can use ahead of time).

All of our scripts are GPL'd and our package manager and packages are written in bash, so they are easy to learn and modify. Sorcery supports custom packages maintained by users, which can override the default package and will never be touched by updates. The magic is truly in your hands with Source Mage.

We are currently pre-1.0, and developing quickly. Most of our discussions are on our mailing lists or in IRC , so please feel free to subscribe and join in. You can find the details for contacting us on our contact page.

anyone else trying for a company :D (only intermediate to advanced users)
also,had anybody tried this distro before :?


I see right through you.
I had heard about it, but didn't go through with it. I think I have an iso lying around somewhere...


left this forum longback
sabayon is a binary distro.while gentoo is source based.If no powercuts are here ,I'd have tried a stage1 installation on my system :p
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