1. Æsoteric Positron

    So, what is the linux Distro you are currently using and why?

    Here's mine: I am currently using POPOS. The things I like about it: 1. Very stable (since its ubuntu based, which is turn is debian based, so maybe this is to be expected) 2. Gnome as the default DE: I love Gnome, so its quite cool that POP OS integrates well with Gnome. Even their custom...
  2. C

    Best Linux distro for maya n nuke

    I rarely cn linux on ( friends ) desktop. so i don't know anything about it. i want linux in my desktop for graphics work (Maya, nuke, 3ds max, vray) but i don't know which linux distro is more suitable or should i say most stable for rendering & productivity work & drivers availability. after...
  3. flyingcow

    Please suggest a linux distro for netbook [URGENT]

    Hi, Please suggest me a lightweight distro Requirements -Easy to use [for a linux newbie] -Ultra Lightweight [Should be able to run on specs given below] -Must run smoothly,shouldnt lag -Attaractive/Modern GUI P.S. the apps/softwares for linux are dependant on the distro?? ex. if...
  4. K

    Creating a new linux from scratch

    Hi to all the FOSS friends, I am thinking of creating a new linux distro mainly focussing on the user friendliness. Almost all the linux distros are more complicated to understand and work with. If it is easy there will be not any questions posted in this section.. Post your valuable...
  5. velociraptor

    perfect linux distro for dv6 6165tx

    hey frns nowadays we are studying shell programming thats y i need to install a linux distro on my dv6 6165tx ,,i tried ubuntu for 2 weeks ,,but i ran too hot ,i tried every possible solution available on web to switch gpu but ,,anything didnt work for me ,,so please tell me is there any linux...
  6. M

    Help me in installing application in Linux through GUI.

    Guys, I am new to linux can somebody explain me how to install softwares in linux using GUI.One more doubt which Linux distro supports maximum no of commands after redhat Since it is commercial I can't use it does SUSE supports commands like redhat? I need to learn linux administration.and...
  7. MetalheadGautham

    Fedora or openSUSE or Ubuntu

    Alright so here's the situation. I was a "normal" desktop linux power user for quite a few years, starting 2007. Moving through Ubuntu, Debian and Sidux I settled with ArchLinux that's served me well. Problem is now I am a developer and this distro is definitely not the most comfortable OS for...
  8. Piyush

    Which distro(s) are you using?

    I made this thread for a couple of reasons only, mainly: -->to get an idea on how many users are using X distro? -->to get the idea of how many users are using the distro that you are running so that you can ask/share problems/experiences with them -->and to get latest happening about any distro...
  9. Garbage

    Linux Mint Shakes Ubuntu, Replaces As The Top Distro

    Source - Linux Mint Shakes Ubuntu, Replaces As The Top Distro | Muktware
  10. G

    Running linux distro in android phone

    I saw thread in xda regarding running backtrack linux on android phone like xperia x10. Is there any other distro light-weight that can be installed? What are the limitations?
  11. sanoob.tv

    cant make bootable usb for linux gamers

    i was using YUMI to make a bootable usb for linux distro- linux gamers,that came along with an issue of digit, but on choosing the distro in second step,i cant find linux gamer in it. so i choose the last option (try any other distros) but after creating the usb and booting from usb im...
  12. A

    breathing life into an Pentium 1 pc

    hey, i have an old Pentium 1 pc, i want to install linux in it. Please suggest a linux distro that supports P1 architecture.
  13. NewsBytes

    Slax 6.1.2

    Slax is a popular Slackware-based Linux distro which excels as as Live OS to carry around on a pendrive or bootable disc. It rightly calls itself a "Pocket Operating System". Slax has an extremely modular design which makes it incredibly easy to install applications, even before the OS is...
  14. desiibond

    From linux VM in windows to Windows VM in Linux

    For more than a decade, I had been a big fan of Microsoft Software, especially Windows and Office (just a fan, not a fanboy). Once in a while, when a new distro Linux comes out, I used to try it for a day or two and forget about it. And if I had to use it for a long time, I used to do create a...
  15. S

    Best Linux for slightly old system of a non-tech person

    Hi all, My uncle has a reasonably old system (1.4GHz P4 CPU with 768MB RAM, 80+40GB HDD). He is a non-technical person and is currently using XP Pro. He frequently gets virus problems... So, I am suggesting to him to install Linux side-by-side and try it out... He has agreed to check it...
  16. LegendKiller

    Linux= No Questions asked,none answered?

    I won't name the distro which has upset me........but the reason was that i had asked them in their forum as to why they were lagging behind,despite their promise of releasing their distro latest by end of dec.... i got response that linux is free community managed OS and developers are...
  17. Cool G5

    Need distro for old PC

    My PC specs are as follows: P4 2.0GHZ MSI PM8M-V Motherboard Onboard Via P4M800 Graphic Chip 512MB DDR RAM I need a distro for the above machine. I tried Ubuntu 9.10, Fedora 12 LXDE but both of them feel slow. I went to install Arch but it failed to boot giving a GRUB error i.e. Grub hanging at...
  18. vamsi360

    Fedora fan club

    Here we will discuss about our favorite distro Fedora....
  19. vamsi360

    Wanna game on Linux?

    Hi, Gamers....take a look at *spins.fedoraproject.org/games/ It's Fedora distro with 6 superb games. There are other spins available too... Visit....*spins.fedoraproject.org/games/
  20. Faun

    Booting from Sata DVD writer

    Will it be problematic in booting from CD ? I would like to install latest distro like Ubuntu 9.04 and 9.10 etc. Thanks.
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