1. B

    mandrake distro

    can u tell me how to use the distro provided by digit dvds?
  2. S

    MANDRAKE... Good to Begin?

    After UBUNTU, well my next question... Actually, I gave my frnd who has a CD writer my DIGIT DVD containing UBUNTU (my previous string : UBUNTU: Good to Begin?) , but I found it was only a CD-WRITER and not a combo drive.. SO, I could not begin my sail on LINUX... So, I hve ordered UBUNTU from...
  3. hafees

    which Linux distro is the best??

    Hi :) pls vote for the greatest linux distro. If u want to add another distro pls specify.
  4. vignesh


    is there any book (preferebly online or ebook) which covers every detail about linux from the basics to creating your own linux distro
  5. O

    suse 9.2 dvd/cd

    hello does anybody in bangalore have the suse 9.2 dvd or cd for me to borrow copy??? Suse has altered their licence to allow the copying of their distro as long as its not for profit.
  6. Q

    How 2Create a Bootable CD with 2 or more Live Linux Distros

    Hi All, There are many small Live CD Linux Distros available as ISO file which are to be burnt to CD and enjoyed. Eg.Knoppix [i know it itself occupies one CD] But there are Linux Distros Which Require just 20/50/60MB of Space. Why shall i waste multiple CD's on it. There are CD...
  7. tuXian

    Building A Live Distro! Help !!

    I and my classmates intend to make a live distro for our college. We dunno how to proceed and which distro to select morphix or knoppix itself. Plz guide. Will write more about it like what else we want after the distro is selected.
  8. T

    Kernel Upgradation

    I think this was taken up somewhere in the forum b4, but not answered clearly enough...so i restate it: Ok, i see that kernel version 2.6.10 is out, and i download the bzipped file(~30 mb). Now how do i proceed to upgrade the current kernel? (irrespective of the distro i am using?) For...
  9. swatkat

    Use Assembly in Unix/Linux

    Want more info on using Assembly programming in Unix,then this site will help u. *linuxassembly.org/ There are numerous projects written in Assembly language,even there's a Linux distro called aLinux,which is completely written Assembly. To download the OS visit here:-...
  10. R

    Repair corrupted Distro CDs / Downloads.

    Hi, I have heard of a lot of people downlaoding and re-downloading distros due to corruption. Heres how to remedy it without re-downloading. 1) If its a CD make the iso files using UltrsISO or something. 2) Get the BitTorrent client - *bittorrent.com 3) Get the .torrent file for...
  11. P

    Setting up Linux on RAID Disks

    Hi guys I got a SATA RAID Card today and tried to load debian on to it but the problem is that the distro does not recognise the sata disks has any one tried doing this ? The card is a ST Lab card using Si 3112A controller and i use seagate 160GB X 2 disk in RAID 1 Configration(actually i have...
  12. mail2and

    gee! its a tux!

    herez mah article for nage mag... TOI group... i know it will appear simple to all the tux gurus here but as you know simple lang has to be used in commercial mag. to so that they can sell :P please do comment :P Gee! It’s a Tux! “Oh Linux! Must be geek stuff”… This is a common...
  13. swatkat

    Do you know about Movix and Movix2?

    Movix is a software which allows to play Audio/Video files and create bootable,autoplay CDs.It's small linux distro and u boot from it's CD and then remove the CD and then u can insert Audio/Video CDs and start playing it without worryin about PC's OS!It plays almost all formats. Movix2 is a...
  14. xenkatesh

    Which is the BEST LINUX DISTRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hai dudes this the poll to decide which is the best linux distro! :D
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