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  • I heard about some openings in Paprikus Bangalore, didn't apply as i am out of 3D Industry now. Try there
    am using p3400, not p3400i...
    moded to windows mobile 6.1
    lomlom's mod ...fusion 7.5
    you can find in xda developers site...
    ui, well i change a lot.
    now thinking of cooking one by my own..did not get time, so kept for later...its so simple once you get to windows region...start...next..next..finish.
    just like windows , any fool can do.
    i didn't want touch, had no use of gps..so settled with p3400.
    Hey, nice avatar. BTW which HTC mobile do you have? And could you tell me the mods/ geeky things that you have done with it? Im thinking of getting the HTC Touch..
    yes i do, you?
    i just don't get time to read alll the blogs and forum activities these days though :(
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