1. Cool G5

    Linux Distro for Computer without Internet Connectivity

    My friend wants a distro which will be able to play most of the proprietary media formats out of the box. The reason is he doesn't has internet connectivity at his place. Do note that the distro should be able to play not just simple files like mp3, avi etc but also more complex one's like .mkv...
  2. S

    Trouble installing Linux on Atom Processor+D945GCLF mobo

    Hi, Recently, one of the systems in my office had problems and turned out the motherboard was dead. Since it was a older model system I decided to get Atom Processor and D945GCLF motherboard as a replacement (1 GB DDR2 RAM is also purchased new, other components like hard disk, cd drive, 400W...
  3. chesss

    HOw does Arch 'Roll'

    Thinking of giving arch linux a try. One thing concerns me. I read that arch is rolling update kind of distro . How exactly does this work ? My concern is will I have to upgrade my system (while potentially breaking it ) every 3 months just to install the latest version of a package . I read...
  4. saurabh kakkar

    Suggest some Light Distro

    After using Ubuntu 7.10 4r long I have decided to move to some other distro Since i m having a low configuration (P4 2.4 ,256 ddr, 80 gb) so want some light distro Will be using it mainly 4r net (Firefox must) ,Chatting ,Music ,Watching Videos(VLC must),Viewing Picks,creating nd editing world...
  5. dinesh_ddt

    "Open" to LINUX..!!

    Hi Guys, After years of playing around with windows i thought its time to move on to learn more..:-x i'm a newbie to linux i want it to try and play with it..;) suggest me a distro.. i currently have ubuntu and openSUSE with me.. which one can i put first ???:confused: NOTE: i know only the...
  6. MetalheadGautham

    Creating Binary Python Executables

    There are a handful of python programs I find really useful but they are all in *.py format. Often I need to use them in a distro which has no package for python installed or is barebones. In such cases, is there a way to make binary python executables ? How ?
  7. MetalheadGautham

    MICROSOFT LINUX - The Premier Linux Distro

    Guys! Its official. MS really IS launching a linux distro. Check link out for more information: http://www.mslinux.org/ Its supposed to be an outcome of the MS-Novel partnership program.
  8. sganesh

    How to create own distro with OpenSuse or Fedora!!

    Hi guys! i thought of building rpm based distro like SUSE,Fedora I have a opensuse11 dvd and since it is free to modify, I was wondering how I could do some basic modifications to the version and rename it completely. I want to make some basic customized theme and nice softwares. I looked up...
  9. S

    Best Distro for Zenith Laptop

    Hi, I want to install Linux on my wife's Laptop... It is a few years old Zenith SalesPro Laptop. I think it uses Intel 845 chipset or something... She will be using it mostly for working with spreadsheets and word processing (using OOo)... Please suggest which distro to use. I have two main...
  10. Dr.tweaker

    easiest linux distro with PERL inbuilt

    hi friends,am a student of B.tech biotechnology and for bioinformatics i need PERL.Now can any of u suggest which distro comes with PERL inbuilt and also all necessary multimedia codecs(as i dont have a net connection in my mess).please suggest.(though having perl is the primary criteria but it...
  11. H

    New update available for 64bit flashplugin

    Get it from http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html Extract to /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins or wherever your distro puts it.
  12. vish786

    [How To]Get Java plugin & Flash work on a 64bit Distro

    Running a 32bit Browser on a 64bit Distro. Pissed off with Flash and Java not working on a 64bit Distro ? here's a pretty simple guide to get sites to load java applets & flash. Before proceeding, there is no javaplugin for a 64bit browser so all am doing is getting a 32bit_firefox along with...
  13. A

    which destro is well suited for study perpose .....mean learning a linux system.

    which distro is well suited for study purpose .....mean learning a linux system. I am new to linux technology .Please someone describe me a distro which i need for learning this technology.Which distro is best for learning purpose?
  14. D

    Suggest a linux distro

    What is the best linux distro for a complete beginner, one who has never touched linux in his life.the distro should be able to teach a newbie how to use the OS well. Thank you.
  15. T

    need help creating a custom linux distro

    i have to create a custom linux distro for myself, my little bro and some of my friends.. here are the things that i need..1) low hardware requirements : so a lightweight DE like xfce instead of KDE or Gnome.2) lots and lots of educational and scientific packages..3) rest should be standard...
  16. Faun

    KDE 4+ based distro

    Today i'm getting my RMAed HDD back :D Hoping to install something new, specifically a KDE 4+ distro :) Please suggest me the best one with decent support. I have 3 in my list Mandriva, OpenSUSE and Fedora. I will be needing one with large repo, less bugs and latest version of softies. thanks.
  17. S

    problem with partitioning in suse

    I have openSUSE running on a 20 GB ext partition... I need to resize this and create a new partition of 10 GB out of this 20 GB to install a difft distro of linux.... Can I do it without formatting the drive???
  18. MetalheadGautham

    Life on the Cutting Edge - ArchLinux

    Hi Guys! This is my first blog post in 2 months, and I decided to write a half decent review about archlinux. Please read it and comment on it. Read the whole thing here: http://thesmallerbang.wordpress.com/2008/10/10/life-on-the-cutting-edge-archlinux/ And yeah, please digg it if you like it :)
  19. The Conqueror

    Suggest Linux Distro

    Hi, I Now have Downloaded Mandriva2008 as well as Ubuntu 8.04, Now I am downloading OpenSuSE11. Can you please suggest which Linux Distro Should I Install ? I Have WindowsXP and Vista in dual boot currently. Which Linux distro will have the most friendly GUI and the ability to customize a lot...
  20. wraj

    Calling All Linux Enthusiasts

    hi everybody, first thing first,Id like to admit that I posted it in the wrong section of this forum (Q&A)and havent got a single response, so it can be considered as a repost (sorry moderators !!!) ____________________________________________________________________________ "I have built a...
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