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hi everybody,
first thing first,Id like to admit that I posted it in the wrong section of this forum (Q&A)and havent got a single response, so it can be considered as a repost (sorry moderators !!!)

"I have built a Linux Distribution (A derivative of-course) and want to host it somewhere...Though Ive got my own dedicated website for its home but the Monthly Bandwith is prohibitive to upload it over here...Being a student,I just cant afford unlimited packages available...So I just need some suggestion to how to go about this...Is there any website which offers free service as mirrors...Ive came acroos several of these,but they are pretty restrictive...Some will limit me to the filesize of 100-300 MB (My distro is around 1GB) and some has expiration period...I dont wanna use Rapidshare and likes because they are not for common users...I too dont want to split the file as a workaround....Torrent maybe the next solution but the initial seeding will have some hassles.
all suggestion are welcome

PS: Ive not disclosed the name of the website for the sake of a surprise !!! will reveal it shortly once Im able to upload the Distro."
Furthermore, Ill also need some beta and bug testers to make it a successfull project...hence I request the interested volunteers to come forth and do the needfull.
What about uploading mirrors in torrents?
They are free AFAIK
What sort of a distro is it?
I mean, what modifications have you made? Who is the target user?


You can split it like I do with my ISOs. Use an archiver like Peazip to span the segments if you want it to be accessible cross platform. If you host in mediafire it's a good idea as they support download accelerators, but their limit is 100 MB, so that's 11 pieces (if your distro is 1024 MB and not 1000 MB).

can you give more information about the Distro?
If its good enough people would come forward to host it on their servers.

Till then you have to depend on DVD/CD,Torrents, and random uploading sites


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uyp I can help to spread wid torrents .....btw can we know details abt u r distro


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Torrents is your only hope as I see it. Initial seeding will have to be done, but with super-seeding, you will only have to upload a little over 1GB.


Random Scribbler !
Thanks everyone above for the overwhelming response...Frankly speaking,I never expected such a heartning reply.
Guess that torrent is the only hope provided that i get the initial seeders as promised above.
Now Id answer U all one by one:
1.ray|raven : Source Forge has got certain limitaion buddy.And donno if it'll register "Yet another Distro" !!!
2.thewisecrab :Am also pondering over torrent provided that I get initial seeders as promised above.
3.NucleusKore : I awready in my thread cleared that I dont wanna split the file coz it may send some wrong impression among the dloaders...Leave alone the hassles of dloading (Though Ill surely consider it if everything else fails)
4.mehulved : Am in my process to contacting ibiblio and sunsite.
5.Garbage : Ill be indebted for this

Now I think that I must reveal the website coz ive got lot of users asking me about the same.Somewhere in the forum this guy "thewisecrab" asked "installed ubuntu now what???"...Hence aRen OS tries to circumvent the one as much as it can.Its targeted towards dummies rather that newbies,plus other Ubuntu may appreciate this too if they liked Mint for the purpose of overcoming Ubuntu's limitation.Being a graphic designer,I even tried it making visually appealing too (it would be an overstatement if I consider it with Vista at this point of time,but it is what IT IS,courtsey,Compiz and other nuggets)...
the url is *

(The feature link is dummy part as Ill be working on it latter on after I am done with final touches to my distro,screenshots are indicative to some extent)

PS :I care damn bout IE6 and less,I presume that U all have Mozilla and Opera or IE7 at least,otherwise site wouldnt render correctly.I too need some sound review on this.

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gud work man.....but ur site is damn slow, the connection gets reset every time the browser is waiting for the server...


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......Somewhere in the forum this guy "thewisecrab" asked "installed ubuntu now what???"...Hence aRen OS......
I'm a newbie man, I bound to ask such queries.... :(
Any way, as per your desciption goes, I'm looking forward to the distro :)
Great screenshots :D
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Never mind "thewisecrab"...I dindt mean offending you but what i meant from my reply was that ive tried packaging everything needed for a mundane task and newbies like you will quite feel at home.I also (prematurely)dedicate it to the users like you...But Ive got another couple weeks to go coz am handling everything all alone minus indespensable resources.
El Perfecto Man !

This thing looks like its going to beat Linux Mint and Ubuntu Ultimate Editon, which are your primary competition.

I wish you all the very best for this project.

One thing I think you should add to your distro which nobody else would think of are ebooks. Most of us got hooked on to linux chiefly by doccumentation. If you could pre-bundle linux related ebooks like basic bash guide, how to build your own kernel tutorial, ubuntu starters guide, and other similar stuff, and place them in a stack in your avant dock, it would save the hastle of searching around the net for newbies.

Trust me on this, because nothing impresses more than awssome doccumentation at your fingertips.
None taken :)
In fact I'm glad that there are people like you who are willing to dedicate their time and effort to make Linux easier for newbies and help them make the switch :wink:
Indeed, a good documentation (which is n00b-friendly :D) will go a long way :)
and yeah, in the doccumentation part, do include articles by our own forum members which are rather excellent. DarkStar's Compiz Fusion review and linux newbies guide are very nicely written (except for bad grammer :p). Put 'em in too. :D
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