1. 7mm

    Can't Detect Modem In Kubuntu!

    Hi There, I'm Using Kubuntu 6.10 & Just Installed Motorola Internal Modem In PCI 2 Slot. The Problem Is I Just Know How To Detect It In "kppp". There's Plenty of Options Available & Don't Know Which One Is PCI2 / COM3(As Show'n In WindowsXP). Please Help People!
  2. R

    sony ericsson k310i help req

    how is the data cable installation done for this mobile ? i just cant get it right. i installed the pc suite that came along with it. but it doesn't detect the phone even though the phone detects that its connected to the computer. can someone plz help me...
  3. phreak0ut

    How to delete the love slow.exe malware?

    I'm infected with this spyware, but I'm not able to remove it. Avast doesn't detect this at all. AVG antispyware also didn't detect this and same goes with Spyware S&D. I installed KIS. It detected it, but its not able to remove as well. I know the location of the file, but I can't delete it...
  4. Apollo

    Fedora Core 3 won't detect SATA

    Hi, This is not a problem that I'm facing but something that a mate of mine asked me to check on his behalf. He wants to install Fedora Core 3 on his Seagate Sata 80 GB hard drive, with WinXP Pro SP2 running, and the problem is that the Fedora installation disc fails to detect his hard drive...
  5. Adhip007

    PLz HELP! FC 6 couldn't detect sata Hdd

    Hi, I have following config: Intel Core2duo E6300 cpu, Asus P5b M/B, Hitachi 200 gb sata hdd, 512 mb DDr2 ram, Geforce 7900gs , LG DVD writer I have windows XP and Mandriva 2007 installed. While installing FC6 it couldn't detect the hard drive, so installation could not be...
  6. eagle_y2j

    SUSE not able to detect LG Studiowork 500G monitor...

    Suse 10.2 is not able to detect my LG Studiowork 500G monitor .. Any one of u know the settings for Studiowork 500G monitor i.e Display size X-axis ,Y-axis and horizontal and vertical frequencies ...and any other seting for maual set up .. TIA
  7. P

    Printer Installation

    Well i got a hp 3550 deskjet. I used the cd to install the drivers but at a point it says to connect the printer. When i connect it it does'nt detect it but the 'new hardware found' window pops up. How can i solve this problem?
  8. gauravakaasid

    Laptop HDD not found! HELP!!

    i just got home my friend's nu lappy, its a Presario C300. it came with FreeDOS. but i wanna format and repartition the drive. am using a bootable Win XP pro SP2 cd to boot from, but it says that it couldnt detect any hard drive to install windows to. how is that possible? PS- there was a HDD...
  9. nileshgr

    Virus Threat!!

    Anyone is using DAP 8 i.e. Download Accelrator Plus 8. Search your computer for the file RestartApp.exe This File Contains a Virus. I found it with Avast! 4.7 Home Edition latest update 652-00. If you have any other antivirus, I don't know whether it will detect or not. If it is Avast...
  10. R

    Virus Or Some Problem

    PLEASE help, my computer restarts again and again,i have the latest kaspersky antivirus, zonealarm pro firewall and a spywarebuster......scanned the whole computer bout 5 times but could not detect anything.... i don't know whether its a hardware problem or what, i have reinstalled my...
  11. gau_pppu

    problem with combo drive

    dear friends i want to know that why my combo drive could no detect data dvd at once, after opening nd closing the drive 2 to 3 times, then only it detect the dvd but in my dvd writer the same dvd it detect at once, only in the combo drive it happen, but no problem with cd.... plz help me with a...
  12. saurabh.sauron

    Print, Scan, Copy

    i recently got a HP F380 All in one. he problem is that i cant use Xsane to scan images in ubuntu edgy though printing works. In fedora core 5, it doesnt even detect the printer. it is connected in the USB (2.0) port. i am quite sure it is something to do with USB. pls help thnx
  13. kumars

    Problem with PC Suite connectivity..

    Guys i am able to surf internet through GPRS by using data cable on my computer.. But when i want to transfer files using any PC Suite (i've 6.8) then software doesn't detect my Nokia Communicator.. My phone gets detected by PC Suite on another computer easily but not on mine!!?
  14. S

    shutdown problem in Win2003

    hey guys I am using win. server 2003 Ent.Edition as my O/S I am getting a shutdown error. I scan my Drive for viruses with AVG but it didn't detect any viruses.So i Run Shutdown -a to abort my system shutdown.I am frustrated with this.So please Reply to me.I am attaching The error page.Thanks
  15. sweetricha07

    Cd doesnt get detected....

    I recently bought a combo drive but right from day one it was giving me some troubles. Sometimes it simply refused to detect the cd/dvd inside or at other times it used to detect the presence of a disk inside but didn't used to read from it. After opening the drive and rotating the disk a little...
  16. R

    length of lan wire

    is 20m of lan wire too long to connect my pc to a switch? pls help my dlink switch doesn't detect the lan wire.
  17. ECE0105

    Firefox does not open pages in Windows 2003 EE

    Hi Guys, Just installed Windows Server 2003 to test on my machine. When I connect to Internet, I see that Firefox does not detect the connections. I am able to open pages only in IE (N it Sux) I have also found that none of the other software or applications other than MS, can detect...
  18. techdoc

    suggest a solution for this pc upgrade

    hi guys i currently have an amd athlon 2600 processor,asus a7v8xmx motherboard and ddr 384 mb of ram.i was having trouble with this mobo initially onwards.i have already got it repaired three times since it was bought.(its now 2 years old)there is one more year of warranty left.recently my...
  19. E

    lancard not detected

    Hi, Recently I Installed New Lancard (d Link) Which Is Essential To Install One 3d Software.but As Soon As I Run The Set Up Of 3d Software,it Shows Message :can Not Detect Host Id.etheret Card Is Not Installed." Pc Config. P 4 2.66ghz Windows Xp Sp2
  20. gsoul2soul

    AGP Card POWER not enough ?

    I bought Geforce 6800 GS AGP CARD (which apparently needs from power from AGP slot and from two other molex connections) My current Power Supply in Computer is 300 W.... Do I need to Upgrade my Power Supply? I joined my AGP CARD but nothing came in Monitor and... Motherboard also didn't...
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