1. Dark Star

    iPOD : QUestions and problem.

    I just brought an ipod shuffle it get detected and get auto mounted as 1 must expect from a Media Device.. But when I open Amarok it didn't detect the ipod.. I added it manually but all in vain.. What should I do ?
  2. romeo_8693

    cant detect HD in DSL

    i hav a pc wer wen i boot thru DSL it doesnt detect works well in xp tho.i tried fdisk -l but its not listed.can it be bcos its SATA?wat is the prob and the soln....?
  3. T

    Asus M2N MX SE

    Is this Mobo has issues with Linux? No distro seem to detect the onboard high defination Audio. So no Sound. Some distros which supposed to detect My Graphics Card 8600 GT doesnt detect it all and some [7.04 & Mandriva08] Tell me that it is some other card [8800] 8600 GT is supported on...
  4. din

    Datacard + Ubuntu - Anyone ?

    Anyone got data card (Reliance / Tata / BSNL) working successfully in Ubuntu ? I mean the CDMA PCMCIA data card. I could make the basic configuration ok, and it seems almost all ok, but still not working. When I try wvdial, it detect modem, shows all commands etc but stops / cursor blinks after...
  5. entrana

    HELP OBLIVION hdr+aa

    hey guys as u know im running on a 8800gts 1st prob is that oblivion cant detect my hardware, beats me why. and so i cant run hdr + aa. any ideas
  6. cynosure

    Cannot install XP on system.

    I have a few friends of mine who purchased PC which came preinstalled with OS. One has Dell Desktop PC (Which had windows vista Business preinstalled) and other has Compaq Presario V6409 (Free Dos preinstalled). The problem is that if I try to install Windows XP (Base version or SP2) it does...
  7. D

    how to Recover data from a crushed HDD

    how to Recover data from a crashed HDD my 40GB westren digital hard disk to recover data from it. i am unable to format it or boot through it. slight sound is coming from it...i tried to detect it by connecting it as slave in my friend system but it dint detect...plz help thanku...
  8. ring_wraith

    HDD problem.

    Hi. I am having a pretty serious problem with my HDD... its a seagate 160 GB 7200 RPM .... The problem is that most of the time , it refuses to detect. I get the error message saying please insert proper boot media. When it does ocassionaly detect, my comp BSODs after a few minutes. SO my PC...
  9. H

    hcitool scan cant detect my phone `

    hcitool scan cant detect my phone my phone cant detect the system,also my system cant detect my phone. iam trying these.............. [root@localhost etc]# sdptool search DUN Inquiring ... Inquiry failed [root@localhost etc]# hcitool scan Scanning ... Inquiry failed: Connection timed out...
  10. Kaushal Hiwarkar

    how to detect drives, like c: , d: etc in Linux

    Plz help I have installed Ubuntu Linux. Plz tell how to detect drives, like c: , d: etc. Also Playing Mp3 and video files
  11. A

    Usb Not Working - Rs482m4-ild

    i m using MSI RS482M4 - ILD motherboard since after Load Shedding start my usb ports stop working which ever device i plug in like bluetooth, pen drive just blink once and dosen't detect. but when i use my MOTOROLA RIZR Z3 using it's usb cable (came with phone) everything works fine. i can't...
  12. azzu

    The Chineseee

    my dad got a chinesee mobile yesterday is called ztc 6688 ill give total review soon but any 1 now how do i detect its os i mean does it run JAva or is it symbian based or any other local os Hlep ME
  13. B

    Problem with CD RW Drive

    Hi I got my computer after a period of 2 months. I am on Windows XP and I have a Samsung CD RW Drive. When I started it up it went through detecting the CDRW Drive all over again, but it detect it as a SAMSUJ drive or something. Twiddling the cables got it to detect it as a SAMSEW drive or...
  14. D

    Sony Ericsson K750i in Linux

    I have Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring edition. My problem is that my Sony Ericsson K750i does not get detected. Please tell me how to detect and configure modem for connecting to the internet.
  15. I

    Serial Mouse Problem

    my computer dell GX110 can not detect serial mouse...need help
  16. S

    SATA Drive Help!!!

    I have A MSI K8M Neo-V Mobo and I recently brought seagate Barracuda SATA 160 GB HDD... When I tried to install Win XP it Didn't Detect the HDD... The HDD is also NOt detected in WindowsXP SP2 that is installed in My Older Drive.... Please help!!! Thanks
  17. D

    USB pen drive

    hi! I have transcend jet flash150 pen drive and i used win xp (pro sp2). My problem is that drive is not detect my system but another system detect that. I dont know what is the couse of problem, is it virus problem? pls. help me!:confused:
  18. D

    help me : i pod trouble

    my i pod does not detect in my windows xp when i connect it to the pc. what should i do . i do not get a drive removable drive. please help me
  19. A

    Does Windows Defender detect

    Hello friends I am using Windows Defender for more than one month and I hope many of you will be using it. I have a question that windows defender detect any spyware or not. Whenever after visiting some sites whenever I scan my computer through Ad-Aware SE then it detect some cookies as spyware...
  20. P

    Firewire related Problem

    I've been using different types of Sony handycam camcorders. I just bought the dcr hc 36, and the problem is that my firewire which I've been using and works fine with the other camcorders, cannot detect it. I'm using Win XP SP2. Ive had tried a lot of things, such as running the "regsvr32...
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