1. S

    Games problem with XP SP2

    I have Win XP Pro SP2, 102 Intel motherboard, DDR2 512 RAM, 2.8 Dual core processor. An Internal modem, 256 Mb GeForce 7300LE PCI Express graphic card. On my old PC all my original games used to work fine (Cricket 2005, Battle For Middle Earth, Unreal Tournament 2004, Far Cry etc.), however...
  2. R

    window XP is unable to detect mobile LG made C2500

    hi i m ranjan, i m using a LG made C2500 set, which having the facility of mass storage. initialy it get detect by loading diver in 98,Me, and without diver by Xp. but now it is unable to detect by either Me or Xp. plz help me. If any one can help me
  3. R

    Cant Find DVD/CD RW drive

    hi frnds, just now i bought LG DVD Combo. it sed to work properly, but now a daz , my os cant detect it. Even Bios fails to detect it. I reconnected its cable (both power cable & data cable) but the problem is not solved, i guess its hardware problem.... its all on you guys.i need ur help.
  4. A

    bios doesn't detect my combo drive

    hi guys my bios cant detect my lg combo drive suggest me a solution
  5. G

    Please help me as quick as possible

    Hello friends, I reinstall my XP pro and then upgrade it to sp2, then my PC is taking much time for booting. Means the time between appearing the logo of windowsXP and the appearing of main screen is as long as taking breakfast, but after then everything will fine. I reinstall my XP again but...
  6. Stalker

    RAM upgrade problem

    hey guys, i hv an intel 845D AGP chipset on my comp. it has two slots for SD-RAM now, here's the problem i have 2 128 mb 133Mhz modules. i hv got my friends 256 mb 100Mhz module 4 some days. but when i try to put the 256 + 128 combination, the system detects it as 256 mb or sometimes refuses...
  7. C

    Hitachi Travelstar Hard Disk Problem

    I have bought a Hitachi Travelstar 40GB hard disk for my laptop as external memory. The LED of the external hard drive becomes green as soon as I connect it to the USB but windows doesn't detect it, some times it does detect it and the LED becomes red but still windows doesn't show me the files...
  8. hluachawngthu

    Are they harmful for the system?

    Are the files/folders like - Desktop.ini, Thumbs.db and Folder.htt Virus? Are they harmful for the system? If so, how to detect and clean 'em?
  9. romeo_8693

    cd and dvd read problems!!!

    mant times i've seen that pc cd-roms or dvd rather windows cannot detect presence of media in the drive(usually movie cd's and dvd's),but same cd's & dvd's work on dedicated vcd/dvd players.why does this happen??is there any way u can make windows detect the presence of media??
  10. C

    Stupid IR port.

    :( now, this is my first post after having tried the chip forum (townsquare), which disappointed me. I recently bought an IR port for my 6020, it worked fine for a few days, but then went beserk. Nokia PC Suite doesn't detect my cell through it, my friend's 6601 is detected on his comp using...
  11. RCuber

    Gmail sending virus?

    Hi , I got calls from a few friends recently asking me why i was sending virus from my gmail account. i was shocked so i scanned my pc and it did detect a virus . by the time i noticed the virus name the dialog was closed. after that i formated my hdd and changed my gmail password. since then...
  12. A


    HI, I have a ati 9100 pro igp chipset mobo when I install linux (fedora core 1) on my system it does not detect my sound and graphic card some time it hangs when installing can u tell me wht should I do. I need linux for my course can u tell me any other linux (and can install other software...
  13. P

    Infected by Blackmal & virus removal tool failed to detect

    I thought my system was immune to blackmal for quite sometime till hours ago, when I suprised to find a mail being send BY ME to one of the Yahoo groups in which I am a member. And it showed clealry that it was the infamous blackmal virus, and I downloaded the virus removal tool from the...
  14. E

    Javascript to detect number lock , on or off

    Please help me find a code for javascript which can detect whether number lock button is on or off..
  15. S

    How to detect which firewall and antivirus exists in server

    How to detect which firewall and antivirus exists in server in windows?
  16. W

    internal modem in redhat 9

    Will someone help me how to configure the internal modem in redhat9. I have a conexant softk56 modem but the os does not detect it Thanks
  17. T

    unable to cdwrite with nero express

    Dear friends! Just recently I transferred a samsung cd writer from one of the computers to my system at the working place and installed nero express software. But the nero express does not detect the cd writer. It only displays the image recorder. But I am...
  18. B

    Combo drive does not detect CD-RW

    hi friends i have sony combo drive. it detect cd-Rom,DVD but It can not read CD-RW. whenever i insert CD-RW in drive, my pc does not detect it. please help me to rectify this problem thanks santosh
  19. J

    how to detect an extra hard disk in fc 4

    hi frd, i have a sata hd in my computer.and i want to detect a 40 gb extra pata in fc 4. it has ntfs partition in it. fc 4 can not detect in .i was check it through fdisk command.but it was not give any kind of information about pata. so pls help in in detecting my 40 gb pata.
  20. mohanty1942

    Duplicate LG monitor ?

    I am from Nashik. Recently I purchased a LG 500G 15" color monitor. Windows 98 (Not checked in WinXP) is not detecting the monitor's model and taking it as Default monitor. ( As for conventional monitor Win98 should detect the model no & show it as Plug & Play monitor). I doubt the genuinity...
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