1. A

    graphic card

    can any one help me regardin Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 900 ? it is writen maximum dvram =224 mb so if i install another pic -express card of 256 mb will it detect whole 256 or 224?
  2. I

    Linspire does not detect my mouse?!!

    I recently used Linspire 2005 given in this month's digit dvd.everything was detected(even my pci modem was detected) except my Mouse. I think by default linspire uses ps2 mouse but my mouse is plugged in com port(COM 1)-u know,the old type of ball-mice.Pls tell me how to make Linspire detect my...
  3. A

    Windows XP refuses to detect new HDD.

    I just installed a new 40GB HDD, but Windows XP refuses to detect it. It is connected as Primary Slave, and is properly detected in the BIOS. It has not been formatted. Will Partition Magic solev the problem ?
  4. sidewinder

    Problem with internal modem

    Hey guys I tried a lot of linux distro like red hat,suse 9.1 knoppix but nobody seems to detect my conexant 56 k modem.I dont have linux driver for it and if i get that i cant install it coz i'm a very very very newby. Any one knoe=ws a linux that will detect my modem? Coz the main reason i...
  5. ashfahan


  6. N

    Help Added a RAM, Added a Problem too..... :(

    Help!! I have installed Fedora Core on one of my college systems. The system WAS having 128 MB RAM After a few days we added one more 128 MB RAM........... BUT........... Fedora Core DOESN'T Detect it. !! In windows it is properly detected as 256 MB RAM What should I do to...
  7. S

    hardware id

    can anyone pls come up with a way to detect my hardware id
  8. C

    HDD Problem

    Hi frnds, my hdd start giving some noise when i rebbot ..the bios doesn't recognize the samsung 40 gb hdd . Aftersome efforts it recognizes the hdd and when it boots the os (windows xp, i make my faulty hdd as slave ) the os trying to get the partition shows the partitions but when i...
  9. I

    How do i detect a serial modem in pcq2004?

    hi. i want to know how i can detect an external modem in pcq2004. the modem is a GVC 1156V/R21. i also need the linux drivers of the modem. unable to log onto the pcq forums so pls help me. was able to install the modem in windows. thanks.
  10. C

    Telephone on your PC system !

    Hi, Anybody here uses his phone (landline) via the PC (thru the modem or any other way...) This I assume would help in 2 things I want to do: a. Recording direct on HDD b. Screening & saving incoming nos. via CID Have tried it many yrs. before but back then CID software could not...
  11. P

    MODEM problem

    How can I use my landline TATA INDICOM LG-340E to work with Windows XP. winXP does NOT detect it and says that the port is empty
  12. sms_solver

    Can av sw remove virus from zipped file

    I know that av sw like Norton AV, AVG can detect virus and suspicious files from zipped file. How they can detect these from zipped file? I also like to know if they are remove the infected files from such zipped file. and about password protected zipped file. Can anybody give his/her...
  13. ax3

    Oxygen Phone Manager 2 ???

    i have a registered version of OPM 2 ... & an ir device ... have also installed the required drivers ... Wanna connect my 7250i 2 my comp. ... bt it doesn`t detect my phone ... whereas it detects my frds 6610 ... whot should i do ???
  14. Choto Cheeta

    800 MB in a CD

    does any one know about 800MB CDs??? any company sales 800MB CDs in India..... will NERO 6.3 is going to detect 800MB in a CD???
  15. A

    dvd rom do not detect dvd

    i have a samsung dvd rom sd-608 after formatting my system the dvds are not running.also when my brother formatted his system his dvd don't play he also has the same model is it a driver problem.please help me.when i enter the dvd it does not detect it when i click on the cd icon in mycomputer...
  16. doom_marine

    Need Help With Linux

    I installed SuSE Linux From The digit DVD it installed fine. When i went to hardware it detected my ati radeon 9800 pro as a R350 and said it had no 3D Acceleration I have a d-link modem which it did not detect, it says there is a conextant modem in my comp How do we connect to the net...
  17. A

    Cd rom ! ! !

    i use w2k .... & have cdr as well as cdrom ... bt my bios doesn`t detect my cdrom ..... how can i manually + it ???
  18. mail2and

    Strange problem with lan card

    i have an adcom fast ethernet adapter with realtek 8139 chiset... now my problem is that earlier i mean 2 days back b4 formatting Win xp used to detect it properly as realtek... but after formatting... i re-intalled xp 3 times... but in xp it just duznt detect.. when i install Xp SP1 it...
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