1. Pratik Pawar

    micro SD Card problem

    guys, my friend has a micro SD card of 8 gb in her 3 yr old samsung, android 4.0.4 brand is some "HOPE":-? but the phone doesnt detect it. on my PC (win 7) its seen just as a blank drive. no filesystem, not even RAW I cant open it, asks for formatting, but even after waiting for 2 hours...
  2. rohitshakti2

    WIndoes can't detect any pen drive

    I have recently installed Win 10 by formatting the PC. Now when I am trying to connect a pen drive, it is not able to detect it. I think the software is corrupt or deleted. As that PC does not have a internet connection, I am unable to download usb drivers, so can anybody tell which usb...
  3. rohitshakti2

    Unwanted Adult popup coming up while browsing

    I am using Windows 8 on my PC. When I go online I am getting adult popups on my PC web pages. Whatever I click or whatever I do, this pop up keeps on coming and mostly on every new page or site, sometimes in the middle of the website but mostly on the right side. This virus also blocks my...
  4. mikael_schiffer

    Laptop cant detect phone anymore

    Hi guys, im using Sony Xperia M Today i used my DVD ROM for the first time this year and after that my PC cant detect my Sony Xperia M It shows the device like this I uninstalled it, and plugged it in, same problem I updated the drivers, and it shows it as a MTP USB Device and says my...
  5. D

    Win 98 se doesnot detect my new Frontech Optical Mouse Model JIL 3708

    Dear All, I have an old P4 system on which Win 98SE and Win XP Prof is installed. I used Logitech PS2 optical mouse which worked both in Win 98SE and Win XP Prof. Recently, the mouse got bad and I purchased a new Frontech PS2 Optical mouse model JIL 3708. Though the mouse lights up on...
  6. Generic Superhero

    Tata Photon Plus not detected in Windows 8 suddenly

    A Tata Photon plus modem (olive vme 102) was working fine on a Windows 8 Samsung laptop and a Windows 7 desktop. Sometimes the modem software acts up and an uninstall-reinstall sets it right. The last time I uninstalled it on my laptop and proceeded to reinstall, the laptop refused to detect the...
  7. gagan_kumar

    serious problem with PC

    guys i have 2 external hard disks the problem i m facing with them is when i disconnect them and reconnect them when windows is on , windows doesn't detect them and when i connect them before boot windows does, is there any way to solve this??
  8. sandyss

    MY bandwdith!!!

    Recently Some task or software has been using my internet bandwidth with my permission and is now now finishing up my limited Net usage (max 1.5 GB bsnl).:evil:. How can i detect or find our EXACTLY which software is doing this..Please tell me any software for finding out.. Please:cry:
  9. H

    Verge leak: The next kinect can actively spy on you.

    Exclusive: Microsoft's next Xbox will take over your TV, interact with your cable box | The Verge So the next kinect can monitor you while you do anything and report to M$, who have shown that they have no problem selling your data to advertisers and are known to shove ads up your ****. You...
  10. theserpent

    Not able to connect my nexus 10 to wifi[Tethered using nokia e6-joku)

    Hey there Guys i tethered my nokia e6 using joku spot. My ipod,laptop are able to detect it but the nexus 10 is not even able to detect it. Any idea how to get it to connect and detect? Asked in XDA too, but no reply :(
  11. S

    Need Help ! Grinding sound come out from CPU

    hello everybody ! Pc Configuration : processor - core i5, ram - 4gb, os- win7 Problem: whenever I turn on my desktop pc, it sounds like a MIXER & GRINDER machine. this sound come out from the Cabinet area. as I am new to computer world I am unable to detect what is the actual problem...
  12. sling-shot

    Bluetooth by Cambridge Silicon Radio - Anybody got it working?

    I have a HP Mini 110 netbook that has bluetooth by something called Cambridge Silicon Radio. HP itself says it is Motorola bluetooth. I generally use PCLinuxOS on it, but I have also tried Chakra, Fedora 17, Pardus on the same machine. Almost all of them detect that there is a bluetooth...
  13. X

    Bought new alienware :D

    Bought new alienware m14x :D[Updated with more pics] Bought new alienware m14x 8GB Ram, Core i7, 3GB Graphix :D Cost me 122000 including tax ;) Have Very awsome Face detection(works with my spex on eyes) and wont detect anyone else other than me, wont detect my photo. Have very awsome...
  14. bajaj151

    Safe to record screen ?

    I want to record videos using Screen Recorder. In the site, there is banner "Copyscape" Is it safe to record video ? Can they detect who recorded the video ?
  15. T

    Front Audio ???????

    hi guy i got a bijli cabinet yesterday and i connected the audio pin for the front panel to the motherboard but it does not detect the earphones ???? why is that ?????
  16. S

    web cam problem.

    hey any1 help me. I bought a i ball c8.0 web cam today but my system usb cannot detect it.
  17. R

    How to remove this virus.?

    Whenever i copy files from my friend system using my pendrive, i find a folder named "gaxee" inside which a file named "pobronas.exe" resides. I think its a virus, if not please correct me so. I tried removing it by scanning with norton antivirus 2011 but it is unable to detect. My friend uses...
  18. L

    modem installation

    hi plzz tell me how to install my mts mbrowse usb modem in linux ubuntu 10.10 i've tried it out by running but the wvdialconf can not detect my modem :?: plz reply
  19. digibrush

    DH55TC don't detect 9500GT

    My 9500gt run fine on DH55TC mobo for few months untill the card failed. I have my replacement of 9500gt yeaterday and i installed it to DH55TC mobo...the mobo does not detect the card. DH55TC have auto function to detect PCIe cards which perfectly works with another gfx card, but not with...
  20. G

    DVD writer doesn't detect some CD's

    Hi friends, I am using LG dvd writter since 2 years. Since 1 month, it doesnt detect original CD's like antivirus CD's, CD's from magzines, motherboard CD etc., but it detects the CD's written on it or other writer:-x Dont know what is the problem. I tried to clean it...
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