1. tech0freak0

    how to Set up file Sharing wirelessly???

    I have tp-link router, connected to pc (window xp) via Ethernet cable. And a laptop(window 8) connected wirelessly over wifi. I want to share files b/w laptop and pc over wifi...?:razz: So, help guys:wink:
  2. Shah

    Connected to the network but Internet is inaccessible

    In my CP lab, every PC is connected to the LAN network and they show "Internet is Connected" but still we can't use the Internet for browsing. I am not good at networking and I don't know what could be the problem. What should I do to access the internet?
  3. M

    some website not working on pc if connected with router

    my router is tp link Model No. TL-WR841N . when i connect my pc through the lan port of my router some websites stop working and problem is solved when directly connected my pc through modem..
  4. G

    screen turn off issue in my pc which is connected to 32inch LED tv LG

    screen turn off issue in my pc which is connected to 32inch LED tv LG and using my TV as monitor hi all, i am gamer and so i connected the pc to 32inch LED tv through HDMI cable for gaming and my problem is when ever the volts goes down and up it interrupt signal and so tv shows no...
  5. ©mß

    Reverse Tethering not working.

    I downloaded the Android Tool for reverse tethering. My drivers are already installed i guess so. I connected my phone but can't access internet. Why? help me please.
  6. GhorMaanas

    Seagate Goflex Home - assistance needed in set-up

    Hello everyone! i hope am posting this in the correct section. i have the dock in subject. have a FreeAgent Goflex 500 GB 2.5" portable HDD to go with it. however, when connected to the dock through the SATA port, only the green light comes up and becomes stable. the white light doesn't come...
  7. N

    Connecting Laptops over Lan and Sharing Internet Connection

    Hello , The problem isn't big enough but still is getting on my nerves :-x:-x for I m unable to actually figure out what to do. Anyways so finally couldn't make it work , and here is the last resort .. so plz help me out . I have 2 laptops ( one running on win7 and other on win8 ). Both...
  8. K

    Nexus 4 Wifi issue.

    Guys. Iam using my wifi from my system connected to HTC hotspot in Nexus 4.Wifi is successfully connected but the download speed is very slow..It is taking nearly 9hours to download a 1.7 MB file :shock: Speed of my wifi is 2.5 MBPs .. So guys please help me solve this problem. Thanks.
  9. Harsh Pranami

    Problems with usb 3g hspa modem

    Hi friends. I recently purchased this usb modem huawei e303c. It's giving me goosebumps since then. I have this g6-2005ax lappy which has 2 usb 3.0 ports and one usb 2.0 port. Now here is the problem. When I plug the modem in one of the usb 3.0 ports it gets detected fine and the mobile partner...
  10. S

    a google "connected accounts" query! please help

    my Facebook & linkedin accounts do not appear as "verified" profiles in the connected accounts compilation. But my yahoo email account & youtube account associated with the same does. Steps to Reproduce: when I select facebook/twitter/linkedin in the dropdown menu and write down the...
  11. M

    Setting up VPN with router

    I have a Teracom wifi router that I got while I got a broadband connection from BSNL. I use some free VPNs which work great but in order to use them, I need to setup a VPN connection in Windows 7 that connects using the existing internet connection to the VPN using 'network and sharing' in...
  12. D

    help Desktop(End users) Monitoring via WIFI?

    hello digitians i have a wifi connection in my home. i want to monitor the users desktop (connected to my network through wifi). i have HUAWEI router.its ip for config is, when i entered my username and passwords its showing me only the list of connected users with their mac...
  13. S

    Extend Network

    I'm connected to a lan network of my ISP and lan is connected to internet. bandwidth and authentication is provided through a software similar to sonicwall. I want to setup wi-fi and use this internet connection on multiple wireless devices as well as desktop computers . How can i do it ??
  14. G

    Monitor ,keyboard and mouse nt getting connected.

    i have got a new gaming desktop with the configuration of AMD 8350,ASUS Sabertooth, 8gb gkill ram, corsair TX650M PSU, corsair carbide 400r cabinet , ATI radeon 7870 2gb GPU,24" asus LCD monitor. wen it got assembled and it was running fine , but suddenly now the monitor,keyboard and mouse...
  15. C

    Problem configuring TP-LINK modem router

    I bought TD-W8951ND yesterday and configured it using the Setup Assistant available in the CD included. Mine is a PPPoE connection from BSNL, and it configured fine with the setup. I used the net for about an hour, but then I wanted to change a setting in it. The connection through my old...
  16. M

    Setting-up a complete home network - Need Help!

    Friends, I am ambitious to make a connected fully home and I am looking forward your advice and ideas to full fill my dream. I am ready to spend around Rs.20000/- for all over and if really necessary I can pust my budget little more. So friends, here are my list of my products I have following...
  17. T

    Wi-Fi Access Problem In Hostel

    There is a 5MBPS connection provided by Sify to my college hostel campus. We are around 100 students in a single building, and we have routers on separate floors. The problem is that as soon as there is a spike in the traffic, the Wi-Fi connectivity becomes horrible, and no one gets internet...
  18. R

    networking crashing again and again help!!!!

    i have 4 floors in my house. i have a broadband connection on ground floor connected to a dlink modem router. untill a few days ago there were two more routers (belkin and another belkin(one switch is connected to belkin which is going to 5 other pc's) were connected to this dlink via ethernet...
  19. ASHISH65

    how to see the activity of computer connecting to multiple display

    how to see the activity of computer connected to multiple display hi everyone, iam opening a cyber cafe next week.i have one computer (main server) which is connected to 5 monitors by an device named Ncomputing device and software. i have one cpu which is connected to others
  20. newway01

    Is there a way to turn off annoying lights on webcam?

    Hi, I am using an intex webcam (model IT-105WC). Every time it is connected the 6 white led's light up. The light stays so whether the webcam is used or not as long as it is connected to PC. This light is really annoying and blinding my eyes while I'm working on PC. Is there somehow I can turn...
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