a google "connected accounts" query! please help


Right off the assembly line
my Facebook & linkedin accounts do
not appear as "verified" profiles
in the connected accounts
compilation. But my yahoo
email account & youtube
account associated with the
same does.
Steps to Reproduce: when I
select facebook/twitter/linkedin
in the dropdown menu and
write down the profile address
or copy-paste in the box, it gets
added but does not show as
I have a friend who has all his
social networking website
accounts (facebook/twitter)
connected with his google
account and they appear as
"verified". but mine doesn't.
How do I get them verified? I
tried to add my gmail account
as an alternate account to sign
in to facebook, hoping it to have
it verified after clicking the
confirmation link but that didn't
work as well.Tried to use
facebook friend finder service
but that was of no use as well.
But this doesn't happen when I
try to connect an email
account ! In the latter case
another window opens where I
need to enter my login
credentials and click login and
then it asks me to grant
addressbook read permissions
which I do and then BAM ! it
appears as verified.
So..all I need to know is how to
get my facebook/linkedin
profiles appear as "verified
profiles" in the connected
accounts compilation list ? What
is it's significance?
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