Seagate Goflex Home - assistance needed in set-up


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Hello everyone!

i hope am posting this in the correct section.

i have the dock in subject. have a FreeAgent Goflex 500 GB 2.5" portable HDD to go with it. however, when connected to the dock through the SATA port, only the green light comes up and becomes stable. the white light doesn't come up. i have the latest version of seagate dashboard (seagate dashboard 2.0, as well as seagate dashboard powered by memeo) installed. those too don't recognise any drive connected. the HDD is working fine otherwise, when connected to the PC through USB. please note:

- i want to use the NAS for mainly torrent-downloads.
- as per the seller, a torrent-client is already installed by him, on default factory firmware, and no linux knowledge is needed for operation (which i anyway don't have).
- he had provided me with a username and password, and the addresses to access the torrent-client and the NAS portal, but they don't open.
- my router is MTNL/Beetel 450TC1, and DHCP is enabled.
- windows firewall does have exception added for seagate dashboard.
- turning off the antivirus program wasn't of any use as well.

please suggest what could be done. even a link to any blog/page that describes how to set this up and troubleshoot this 'drive not recognised' issue would be good. looking forward to some suggestions.



try another drive of your friends and see if that works or not. this drive is kindda shady lol i got one too from workplace for backup.
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