1. H

    Wifi issues for Dlink AC750 DIR-803

    Hey Guys, I have been using Dlink AC750 DIR-803 D-Link Wireless AC750 Dual Band Router for the past two years. Lately I have been facing wifi issues. I use the 2.4 ghz band for my mobile phones, laptop and PS3. The 5.0 ghz band is for television. And the desktop is connected via lan port on...
  2. sandynator

    Buying 2TB Internal HDD advice needed

    Currently I am using 1TB Internal Seagate barracuda HDD which was bought along with new PC in mid Feb 2015. Additionally I have connected 1 TB Seagate USb external HDD which was bought in may month of 2012 when HDD were at peak prices. Now a days this external HDD is continuously connected...
  3. H

    I cannot seem to access 192.158.x.x for the routers setup.[Wishnet]

    I recently bought a wireless n300 [D-link] but i cannot seem to access the page. It just doesn't open the page. This is my first time trying to setup a router. I connected the blue/yellow cable with port 1 to my pc and the main internet connection connected to the WAN port...
  4. U

    LCD monitor flickering when Printer is switched on

    I have an 22 inch BenQ LCD monitor, Model VW2245 and a Ricoh SP210 SU -USB Laser printer (900 watts). I have been observing a strange behaviour with my monitor. Whenever I switch on the printer the screen flickers on the monitor or the display switches off and on. The distance between the...
  5. V

    Strangest problem you'll ever read - Switching on computer causes TV channels to stop working

    Hi, I'm not even sure which would be the correct forum to post this issue but here goes nothing. My computer (PSU Corsair 450W), Monitor (Dell 2240), WiFi Router (MTNL), TV (Samsung 32" LED) and Set Top Box (Den cable) are connected to the same switch board. It has four plug points; the...
  6. GhorMaanas

    PC boots for 2-3 seconds then shuts down

    Hello. this i discovered the day before y'day. my newly assembled HTPC, i booted it, but before reaching the BIOS screen, it shut down. powered up again, same thing. repeated a few times. a night before that the power of my home had tripped twice. i believe it has something to do with it (dont...
  7. BakBob

    ASUS Laptop not recognising HDD

    HDD not recognised by my ASUS GL552JX Laptop. BIOS just doesn't show the SATA controller as a connected device. But when I removed the HDD and connected to my PC via external adapter, everything is fine. Is this a BIOS issue or a HDD issue or the SATA port issue? Because SATA port seems to be...
  8. B

    Manage internet connections through modem

    Hello Friends, We have a TP Link modem at home. It connects to two pc's via lan and to several devices via wifi. Since the exam season is on, can we block access to one pc connected via lan and few devices connected via wifi say when the kids are supposed to be studying their rooms? The...
  9. montsa007

    Unlimited / FUP 3G Plan for Dongle?

    Location : Mumbai Budget: 1-1.7k/Month Speed Required : 1 Mbps or better Use : Torrenting on the NAS Box which runs 24*7 Connected via : USB Dongle Was using the MTNL 1600-1700 UL plan, cannot find any alternative.
  10. ajayritik

    Unable to play a 13 GB Video file copied on my external HDD connected to my TV

    I have a 2 TB External HDD in which I copied a 13 GB Video file and connected to my TV. However the video doesn't show when I connect the HDD to the TV. Even though the folders is visible. What could be the possible reason? I used to watch similar sized movies on my TV with another 1 TB...
  11. R

    Laptop doesn't get connected to wifi after few range

    My internet connection is working fine , in other rooms other mobile gets connected but my laptop doesn't get connected.only near modem it remains connected , so what should I do now ? Even I updated the network adapter still the issue is not resolved .
  12. R

    Laptop doesn't get connected to wifi after few range

    My internet connection is working fine , in other rooms other mobile gets connected but my laptop doesn't get connected.only near modem it remains connected , so what should I do now ? Even I updated the network adapter still the issue is not resolved .
  13. B

    Limit speed, data

    Hi Guys, We have networking between win 10 and win xp. Win 10 is connected via wifi and Win xp is connected via lan cable. No ip is given to either of the machines for networking. Is there any software/technique using which we can limit the speed and set the data limit in the pc with Win xp...
  14. A

    Router Tweking

    Need help.. Is it possible to set the router (Netgear N150 adsl wifi), in such a way that the main pc gets all the speed and the other devices like other laptops phones etc connected to it gets limited/specified speeds ?
  15. ariftwister

    5.1 Surround does not work while playing through HDMI

    Devices TV - Samsung 3D HDTV UA40D6600WRXZN HT - Samsung-HT-D330K 5.1 DTH - SunDirect HD Setup The Home Theatre is connected to TV via Digital optical cable.(HT doesn't have HDMI, optical is the only option). Now the DTH is connected to TV via HDMI (ARC). TV has 4 HDMI ports and only one of...
  16. O

    [Query]Ext. HDD- which removal policy better?

    Dear All, I have my 3 TB Seagate ext. hdd. permanently connected to my machine via USB 3.0 port. I use it mostly to store my downloaded files and install games. My query is- if i opt for the 'better performance' option under the removal policy section (pls see image), will there be a...
  17. A

    Accessing router from another router/modem

    I have a wifi router connected to my wifi modem through a LAN cable.I have designated a static ip to the router inside the modem configuration.Therefore the IPs are: Modem: Router: IP as assigned by modem), IP) Both have the same subnet mask as...
  18. quicky008

    Red flickering lines and dots appearing randomly on monitor-please help

    I've been facing a strange issue with my pc for the last 2 days-sometimes when i play a game for a while,red flickering dots and lines start appearing randomly on the monitor.This is really strange as i've never faced such issues with my pc before.At first i thought that this was happening as...
  19. R

    How to monitor data usage of individual devices connected to my laptop via hotspot?

    I share Internet through my laptop via hotspot, and I would to know how much each connected devices use so that I can notify them if they exceed the limit or even block them from further hogging my data... Thank You!!
  20. D

    Acer Hard Disk not detected in BIOS, Working fine on other PC

    Hi guys, My friends office PC Acer Veriton M200 (Warranty expired), which was working fine was not used for a week in that period the CMOS battery died and when he started the PC he got the message CMOS CHECKSUM ERROR, press F1 to continue, after that the hard disk was not detected before...
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