1. R

    How to remotely connect 2 faraway computers over the internet ?

    Hi, I want to know how to remotely connect two faraway systems over the internet without the use of any 3rd party software.. I want to know how to achieve the above through remote desktop connection Thanks
  2. A

    Connect Tablet to TV

    How can i connect my Tablet (Dell Venue 8) or Phone (Xperia Z) to my TV Toshiba Regza (32PB1E). Connection option: I can see a HDMI port.. maybe i can use a MicroUSB to HDMI + HDMI to HDMI OR may be use THIS Would i need any app on the phone/tablet or any other setup. Purpose: Watch Movies and...
  3. stellar

    Can't Access WI Fi

    In my Color X factor Star 3.5 i can see Wi Fi is connected but when i open browser and other apps, it says " Connection Failed unable to connect. Please review your network settings".How can i fiddle the setting to run net from wi fi.
  4. Nanducob

    connecting microphone to speaker (single)

    Hi I want to connect microphone to my friend"s old sony passive speaker(4 ohm). He says a 40 watt amp is enough.So if I buy an amp ,where will I connect microphone ? sorry guys im noob :lol:
  5. rhitwick

    Help me with my WiFi router

    Hi guys I'm having a weird problem with my WiFI router. Let me provide you the technical details first, I'll state the problem later. I'm using cable broadband provided bt SITI cable. Plan is 1mbps UL I was using it with my PC till now without any issue. Recently bought a wifi router...
  6. mayank_agarwal

    Abnormal WiFi problem!! Help needed ASAP!!

    Hello guys!! I am facing some weird issue with WiFi. I have a Samsung NP-RV518-S01IN Laptop having a Broadcom WiFi. The issue is: My laptop is able to connect to my PG's WiFi but the connection shown is Limited (meaning no Internet Connectivity) even though the WiFi modem is working and my...
  7. S

    Mobile Data Problem - Moto G

    Hi all, I am using BSNL 3G SIM on my Moto G. Since last couple of months I've observed that the phone is having problems connecting to mobile data even with full signal strength. Also, when the APN selected is BSNLLIVE, the mobile data is allowing Internet connectivity using Chrome browser but...
  8. P

    Far Cry 3 (PC) Co-op Issues

    Ok, so I haven't really tried playing the co-op in this game but when I tried today, I can't seem to be able to connect to the Ubisoft servers. I do have UPlay running and the latest patch (I think it's 1.05), but still no go. It keeps saying failed to connect to Ubisoft servers, or something to...
  9. A

    TV around 30-40 inch for less than 50k INR

    Hi, 1. Budget? Rs. 50,000 2. Display type and size? I don't know, between 30-40 inch 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? Internet videos(via wifi/cable) or will be used as a monitor. 4. Ports Required? USB, HDMI, A/V anything new. 5. Preferred choice of brand? Sony, Onida. Last preference...
  10. TechnoBOY

    how do i connect sg gear to my phone

    how do i connect Samsung g gear to my phone[grand 2]??
  11. win32.tr0jan

    Steam behind proxy

    I want to play CS1.6 ( and maybe TF2 too ). But I am at a restricted environment ( School / office etc.) which is behind a proxy. It has closed the ports used by Steam ( 27000,27015 etc.). Is there any method to make Steam connect ( if its anonymous) ? Or will non steam games be able to connect...
  12. varghesekiran

    To buy 5.1 Home theater

    Guys.. How is this 5.1 system ? Philips DSP 2800 Home Speaker - Philips: Anyone used this ? My primary use is to connect it to TV and DVD. Please share your reviews...
  13. J

    how to connect set top box with PC for live viewing without tv tuner card

    Hi, I have a HD set top box provided by GTPL. It has HDMI as well as AV ports (red-white-yellow ones). My tv is connected with HDMI cable with STB. Now, I want to connect my pc with the available AV ports in STB so that I can watch tv on my pc. I want to know if it is possible without having any...
  14. izzikio_rage

    Galaxy S3 will not coneect to GSM network

    Hey everyone My Galaxy S3 will not connect to my Airtel GSM network. When going into the service providers it shows all the provides but will not connect to any of them. The error I get is that "Selected network (Airtel) is unavailable", so that means it is getting the signals from the...
  15. R

    How to connect old speakers to PC which dont have 3.5mm jack

    I need to do some creative experimenting if I can use my set of Samsung Speakers on PC ( not sure if working ). It has 2 inputs which are marked RED and BLACK like it used to be in my old DVD player speakers. Only possible connection is to connect Electrical wires. How Can I use this with my...
  16. S

    Faulty router...

    Hi all, iam using the dlink dir 605l router got the last 6 months. Off late it is not connecting to the intended connections. I am based at kolkata and I use alliance broadband, which is a static IP cable broadband connection. The connection from outside comes to the Internet port of the...
  17. Baker

    Monitor resolution adjustment

    Guys As a result of my query in * i brought Dell s2240L monitor. But i am facing issue in setting resolution 1: If i connect my laptops VGA cable to monitor , it is not getting full resolution. my...
  18. D

    Tp link router disconnecting

    At first i thought some kind of Internet problem but the router keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. I have resetted many times but same thing happens. Sometimes it does not connect and i have problem connecting the modem settings. Is my router failing?
  19. R

    5.1 Channel output from STB(Tata Sky)

    Hi All, I understand that the STB(HD version of Tata Sky) produces 5.1 channel output through either HDMI or SPDIF options. I desire to connect a 5.1 HT system to enjoy the digital audio of the various TV channels. Please guide me with a a good HT system availale within 15k range ( with a SPDIF...
  20. ajayritik

    Need 2 TB External HDD

    I need a 2 TB External HDD. It will be dual purpose 1. To Connect it to my LED TV for watching videos etc 2. Taking backup of my personal collection like photos and videos With regards to option 1 I'm not sure if the TV would support 2 TB External HDD. 2 years back I bought WD 1 TB to connect...
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