Cannot connect to WiFi of my router

I have a BSNL teracom modem. I have configured its wifi using I'm unable to connect to Wifi....... Any solution?


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Solved problem by disabling MAC address...... We use it for sharing internet coming through lan wire n playing CoD MW !

Ya wired lan was working earlier......
Another problem, i brought lan wire from my friend's room. I connected it to my Y500, it shows limited n no internet access(same problem with another laptop too, win8) but its working in 3 other laptops(win8).
What could be the problem ? I haved tried disabling n re enabling my ethernet device , also troubleshooting....
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when you first connect lan wire to a laptop usually you have to manually set ip similar to ones given by router(e.g.if router gives 192.168.1.x then set manual ip as 192.168.1.x).after that change it back to automatically get ip & from now laptop should be able to get correct ip from router.
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