Urgent Help needed: USB Extension cable


Broken In
Bought a USB extension cable today. Its just 150-200 cms long. I bought it for my tv which has a USB port on the back and its difficult to connect pen drive there

Today I tried connecting pen drives and my external hard disk using this cable, but they were not recognisedat all

I used the same on my laptop and whenever iI connect a pendrive etc, it says USB device not recognised error.

Any solution?


Wise Old Owl
My experience after trying to get access to my computers back USB ports from front :
- Belkin USB hub (mini because I bought it for laptop first) works most reliable. However the cable is only around 1 or 2 inches!
- USB hubs of Frontech/iBall etc are all unreliable and tend to fail and give strange device not recognized errors after a few months. Also they might have permanently damaged 3 of my USB flash drives.
- Extension cables of 1 meter length are unreliable too.

A big problem with USB hubs is that they do not mention the cable length making it difficult to decide. I see a Belkin product but I do not know if it is long enough for your purpose.
I have this one : Belkin : USB 2.0 4-Port Ultra Mini Hub

I suggest this for you : Belkin : USB 4-Port Powered Desktop Hub
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