Dell Inspiron N4050 Wi-Fi Network Problem


friend of mine got EVO USB Dongle internet and it has Wi-Fi option to connect on laptops.
now 2 of his brothers are able to connect to wifi even their cellphone gets connected to wi-fi without any problems.

now on his laptop connection shows Limited access plus it doesn't get connected so i updated drivers for his wi-fi adapter
then removed this connection from Manage Network connection and added a connection by manually configuring and called it Evo1 it gets connected with full access and internet started working. now the problem is when he restart laptop that default connect is shown in system tray but Evo1 is there in connections list doesn't gets detected in this list of available wi-fi networks.
screenshot added. i want to connect to that EVO1.

let me know if need any further clarification. i tried to make it all clear. :-(

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