Xolo q800 vs lava iris 504q vs mmx canvas hd116


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To all xolo,lava an micromax users
Please guide which company's build quality is great and durable for 2 to 3 years
Considering only mt 6589 chipset not 6589m
Q800 @ 10000 Rs
Iris 504q @ 11500 Rs
Canvas hd@ 13000 Rs

Which company is better
Budget only 12000

The only thing I want to ask is that I want to know this co. is providing high end features at such a cheap rate so have you tried to dismantle its parts to know whether they are really chinese or not,like its processor,graphics card,battery and all..
I mean why are those branded phones are so costly around 20 grand ?
such a huge difference ? available less than half its rate ....
Are these xolo,micromax,karbonn cheaper due to its just brand name or are they using chinese parts ?
If it is using totally chinese parts then its not worth more than 7000 because it has no durability and unexpected breakdown is likely to happen at any time .
What do you xolo q800 users think ?
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^^ i have used Micromax once (Didn't even dared to buy MMX or other cheap brand again).
IMO (based on various reviews over the net), one should be considered VERY LUCKY even if the Handset works for an year without wanting repairs :)


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About these companies selling phones at cheaper rates, exceprt from QUora

Micromax and Karbonn are Indian companies and don't need to pay any import duties or FDI taxes as the case of Nokia, Samsung, etc. Moreover, the chips used by Micromax is of a relatively inferior company Mediatek and not from any chip-making giant like ARM,Qualcomm,Intel. Hence, the final price of the same smart-phones are low.
Buy any of these phones, if u are ready to change the phone when anything major happens to it within a year or two(luckily).

My dad is buying MMX Canvas HD @ 13k for using for a year, after that whenever anything happens to it, new phone...... Also I approved his buying of MMX, because we have MMX service centre at here, but no Nokia, Samsung, & other company's centre
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Yeah I have both xolo and lava service centers in our area . In fact my mom is using lava m70 since 1.3 years so no problem up till now and I've been using nokia 5800 since 3.5 god damn years one of the great mobile has everything to compete with today's smartphones like wechat,whatsapp,gps,video calling etc. Such a hard mobile as it has fallen hundred times still working without any problem
Just hope the same for q800 or 504q
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