1. $hadow

    New lenovo Y500 shown up

    A new version of lenovo y500 has shown up in US market and now lenovo had stopped gt650 m usage and has started using 750m instead of that. Here check out this link. Lenovo Y500 Specs | IdeaPad Laptop Tech Specs | Lenovo (US)
  2. bestpain

    how to check bottleneck

    i am getting 40fps with ...using to check any bottleneck
  3. R

    Is there Any methord to check hard disk life ?

    Anybody knows how to check hard disk life........ any freeware software.......
  4. Nerevarine

    Igyaan hacked

    Check this out .. the official site is hacked by an indonesian hacker
  5. amjath

    Google play launches Books in India

    First Turn by Turn Navigation now this Google Books is here. Check it out people Next up Google Music Yayyyy
  6. Shibaprasad

    BSNL Broadband usage

    I have bsnl broadband connection under West Bengal Telecom Circle (WBTC). I used to check broad usage in .I'm using unlimited plan so i didn't check usage for long time. Now when I logged in, I cant find my usage. Plz help
  7. sumit_anand

    LG announces two more OLED TV's

    After releasing the oled tv in korea, Lg has annoounce the launch of Two more oled tv's in 40" and 70" size and thus becoming the largets oled tv manufacturer. Check out this link on more info on this LG Announces Two More OLED TVs (40'' and 70'')
  8. vickybat

    Assassin's Creed IV Discussion

    Its kind of early for this but couldn't help creating the thread. The new assasins creed is almost confirmed and will feature a whole new assassin. Check out the teaser image in the link below: Assassin's creed IV
  9. ParaXite

    6770m Unleashed! Dv6 owners have a look!

    I've managed to get a stable overclock of 870/1040 on my 6770m on stock voltage! My CPU runs at 95*C and Overclocked GPU at 87*C (Maximum Temps) with high loads after 3 hours of gameplay. My overclocked 6770m has surpassed the Nvidia GTX 460m with a 3DMARK11(Performance 1280x720) Score of 1867...
  10. Nipun

    Need an app to keep records of photos

    Hullo everyone! :-D Most of the time when I click photos with my phone, its because someone has broken a traffic rule. I click their photo and post to Delhi Traffic Police's page to get them fined. But sometimes I forget which images I have already posted and which are to be posted and on...
  11. harshilsharma63

    Overclocking cheap ram

    Hi, I'm having a pair of hynix 2 GB ddr3 ram. Now I want to know if I should try to overclock it or not, and if no, then what could probably in wrong? I would tweak just the cas latency and if possible, the fsb. You can check my whole config in my signature. I would also like to tell that there...
  12. C

    Seeking Help From iBall Sparkle 1854 Users!

    A very small help. Is 1854 capable of wall.mount? No description in specs so bit reluctant to buy. Being father of naughty kid who already had damaged last monitor I want to.hang this on wall. Please check and let me know. :-?
  13. deepak_ds

    Want to check my gfx card

    I want to check my graphics card. Is there any software available that would help me verify that it's running absolutely fine? msi N450GTS 1GBDDR5
  14. havoknation

    King of all Full tower..~~~ Its ULTRA Tower

    Hi All, I have upgraded my chassis from Haf 932 to NZXT Phantom 820. I drifted towards it because of its unique HUE lightning system. Please check below link for pics Phantom 820 Ultra Tower Photos by xonar9357 | Photobucket
  15. kg11sgbg

    HDD error or Grub2 issues?

    The message showing while I am booting up:---> error: (hd0) out of disk Grub2 rescue> Inside my BIOS settings,all the HDD'S are shown O.K. in their S.M.A.R.T check and other status are normal as usual... What is the problem? Has the Grub2 gone corrupted?
  16. S

    laptop window

    how can i check the originality of windows 7 acre laptop
  17. bloodlife

    GTX560(non Ti)

    Just wanted to know is GTX560 a under performer than GTX480..? Well, Check this out..
  18. elafanto

    Buying used(old) phone: For what we should be aware of?

    Friends can you suggest me that if I am buying a used phone from an unknown person, what should I take care of? I am asking this because sites like OLX and other have so many listing but have no safety featured for fraud activities. So if anyone can guide me it will be helpful. I am not...
  19. TheMost

    Share market software

    Guys my father is trying to make some small profit over the stock market. He is asking whether there its any software that would automatically update the status (rates) so that he doesn't all the time wanna go to the website to check the price. I donno anything regarding that...I searched...
  20. V

    Demo piece check?

    How to enter the service menu of 32HX 750 to see the usage hours. Also what are the other ways to check that the t.v i bought is a new one not a demo unit...though i bought it from a sony center listed on sony india's site. Is buying from a sony center not enough? :confused: Sent from my HTC...
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