1. N

    LG Optimus 2x @15k

    Optimus 2x at some 15k. Check it out LG Mobile Phones Optimus 2X P990 Dark Brown | I'm not advertising or anything, just thought this could be useful to many out here.
  2. quicky008

    Experiencing frequent link failures on BSNL broadband-need help :(

    I am a subscriber of BSNL's dataone broadband service.Unfortunately,my internet connection has been acting up a lot for the past few days.I get disconnected every now and then due to incessant link failures.BSNL's technicians have already examined my telephone line several times but couldn't...
  3. D

    URGENT: Laptop Within 40K

    My friend wants to purchase a Laptop within 40,000. Use: General..not too much gaming, but should be decent for multimedia apps Preferred Brand: Lenovo, Dell, HP I know Asus is a steal buy here but She does not prefers Asus, don't know why..:-x So please suggest the best I can get...
  4. pramudit

    Counter strike multiplayer

    Two of my friends have got bsnl broadband and i have got aircel/idea 3g... When i start a game or dedicated server, they are able to easily connect to my game but when any of them host game, the two of us cannot connect to his game... I know the ip shown on their game is LAN IP, so to check ip...
  5. theserpent

    My blog

    Hey Guyz, This is my blog,It contains all my digital arts,manipulations I Also want some free ways of promoting it Please Do Check it out. Thanks a2graphics
  6. R

    How To Build Best Aeroplane in the World

    We all tried to a paper plane when we where small. But sometime it didn't worked as we thought. Check out This interesting pdf that describes every single step required to make World's best Paper airplane
  7. nac

    TamilWiki Media Contest

    Guys there is a contest organized by Tamil Wiki Community. I am thinking of participating in it... Check this link Category:TamilWiki Media Contest - Wikimedia Commons
  8. N


    Guys, Check this Game :) looks fantastic to me, anyone played this one ? VZAuKkv4eZE
  9. coderunknown

    The Complete Smartphone Buyer's Guide

    The Complete Smartphone Buyer's Guide IMPORTANT: Mobiles grouped by price category. My picks are in the 2nd post. Those offer excellent hardware with the latest operating systems.
  10. R

    How to adjust 15 Amp plug in 5 Amp switch

    Hello, I stay in India and got XBOX 360 few days back. We have a 5 amp power supply in front of TV. Check the image: But the power supply plug is big ... Its a 16Amp plug.. check the img. Also check the power ratings of XBOX. So how to adjust this 15Amp plug in the 5 Amp plug .. I...
  11. Skud

    IndieCity launched - Steam for Indie games ;)

    Downloadable Indie games website IndieCity has been launched with the full launch scheduled on 14 December 2011. It offers a downloadable client like Steam, so this can be your one stop destination for your Indie games. The client has some unique features like downloading demos automatically...
  12. R


    Hi everyone, check this out. POKKIES: Pokki This is an amazing piece of software based on HTML5 that puts your fav. websites right on your taskbar... Check it out to better appreciate it... TRY IT OUT NOW!
  13. chandrudme

    Budget Router

    Hi Friends, I need to share my broadband line with LG optimus one mobile.. I've seen some posts about G type / N type routers.. But i'm not aware what it is :( So pl suggest me to choose a best budget router for my need... I may connect 2 mobiles thru wifi. The below are the...
  14. sumit05

    Max Payne 3 gameplay emerges

    Guys check it out here - p3KK0Z-rzlw
  15. D

    Checking Intel Motherboards Warranty Status

    Hello, I have Intel D945GCNL motherboard which is causing trouble, I want to check its warranty status, so is there any online tool/webpage provided by intel to check the warranty status of intel motherboards just by entering its serial number?? Also, can anyone suggest me a motherboard for...
  16. K

    Disabling the one how?

    Hi Guys, It relates to Windows XP Home Edition. I have got AVAST FREE ANTI VIRUS(VERSION 6.0.1289).You know there should not be two Anti-virus on the same system. I want to install and check another Internet security anti-virus software.Then,how to install the new one and CHECK IT without...
  17. techking_dinesh

    Stuck with Shell prog in linux

    Hello, I have just started learning sh in linux I am using backtrack 5 When i run the following file, i get some error regarding case or in Kindly guide me wat the error is Waiting to knw where i went silly Regards
  18. A

    Experience Of IT TRAVELERS GO! Organised by Taiwan Ministry

    Hy Friendz.. Check out this facebook note on my experience of an international event viz. IT TRAVELERS GO ! held by taiwan ministry. I was amongst top 10 from india. check this note for more details, and do reply how was it ..?? Link ------------>> Log In | Facebook
  19. L

    How do you all check your SERP ranking?

    I have been trying to find out how to do this, but so far no luck. I want to check my websites SERP ranking. Thanks...
  20. vickybat

    (CPU/GPU) Physics discussion thread

    Guys, i had thought of this thread a longtime & now i think is the right time. Several discussions emerging in different gpu threads somehow bring this point over and over again. Therefore here all physics engines starting from nvidia's proprietary physx to other engines like havok, bullet...
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