HDD error or Grub2 issues?


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The message showing while I am booting up:--->

error: (hd0) out of disk
Grub2 rescue>

Inside my BIOS settings,all the HDD'S are shown O.K. in their S.M.A.R.T check and other status are normal as usual...
What is the problem?

Has the Grub2 gone corrupted?
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I have 2 HDDs - WD, Seagate.

The MBR was present on the WD HDD. When the booting priority was Seagate first and then WD - I got the same error as you.

I changed the hard disk priority so that the WD one boots first - Problem solved. Maybe it'll work for you too....

If not post the o/p of:

Grub2 rescue>ls


Indian Railways - The Vibrant and Moving INDIA
HDD is O.K. as mentioned by the parameters of Disk utility under Linux installation.
It was issue and problems relating to grub2,to be presumed.
I had to delete the Zorin Linux distro and freshly install Mint Linux-14(NADIA) which was also having issues.
Ultimately problem seems to be resolved.
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