1. Debu_013

    Strange Disk Checking Error.

    For the past few days my computer is prompting to check one of my partitions each time the computer is switched on or restarted. Even after running Disk Check in Through mode no problems were found but still every time I switch on the computer I am prompted to scan the same disk drive...
  2. sumeet singh


    Hi, Didnt gave much importance when it first started.... few days back I noticed that my AVG is not showing any of its component in its interface but I thought that when I restart it will be fine... n forget to check it again.... Today due to some instability I decided to run a defrag and a...
  3. raksrules

    External HDD checking tool ??

    I need to run a check (all possible) on my external HDDs. Please recommend a good (preferably freeware) tool which i can use to run tests on my HDDs. Specifically i want to check the HDD for bad sectors and anything abnormal so as to ensure protection of my data before things get out of hand.
  4. jxcess3891

    Vir Das sucks

    Check this out: Who does this guy think he is, Russell Peters? I don't know what kind of morons got to his show?
  5. paroh

    How to program check the site and find the error.
  6. avtarkaint

    how to copy

    friends i have bought new nokia 3110c handset, inside the memory card their is 20-20 cricket preloaded. when i copy the game from from MMC its says read only memory or cannt copy etc i check the properties of mmc their is no read only check button activated. please tell me how to copy the sis...
  7. jatt

    Rapidshare downloading problem

    Dear friends, I m facing Your IP address ******* is already downloading a file. Please wait until the download is completed. problem when starts downloading as a free user from rapidshare,do you facing same problem or its barred for me because i started bsnl gprs today and want to check...
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