1. .jRay.

    LG G Watch available on Play Store

    Available on Play Store For Rs. 14999/- Shipping July 8 What's in the box LG G Watch Charging cradle Travel adapter Data USB cable Quick Start and Safety guides Requirements Smartphones running Android 4.3 or higher (check compatibility at Android Wear Check ). LG G...
  2. ithehappy

    Any software to check back what I wrote in an webpage?

    Is there any software like that? I mean I wrote something to someone, but not from my email ID, so can't check sent box or something, but it was written on an webpage. Is there some kind of clipboard built in Windows maybe, with which I can track back what I wrote? Thanks.
  3. theserpent

    Negative Experience the worst E-commerce website in India

    I have purshaced from Flipkart,HS18,Ebay but never faced any thing like this before. I ordered 3 Game Cd's on sunday and they just updated "details shared with courier" I contacted them yesterday asking why hasn't any details updated yet,They said they will check it out in some hours,Today...
  4. tamatarpakoda

    Xbox One controller for PC

    It seems some enterprising dudes have managed to get the Xbox One controller working on the PC. Can anyone here try it out and check if it is working? Source: Xbox One gamepads finally, unofficially supported on PC | Ars Technica
  5. a_medico

    Truecaller popup query

    I have been using truecaller since a year or so. Earlier it used to work fine. But after several upgrades, it doesnt popup anymore 'before' call. I get popup afterwards, or have to check the caller id manually. Have they made it a premium feature now? Or am I missing something in the settings?
  6. A

    Warning : Hp build quality !

    Just wanted to warn the forum users about the pathetic build quality of HP laptops, this is what happened to my last HP laptop and this was after spending 5K once to replace the baseplate. Even now I seriously doubt the build quality of HP.One of the main reasons, why I went with Dell...
  7. Anorion

    Volvo Bus Safety

    was very distressed when and Volvo has started showing this video in the buses iiMnW1f7IF0 now the...
  8. kartikoli

    [Query] Is it possible to claim/varify intel processor warranty without bill and box

    Can i claim warranty without bill and box for i5-3470 also is it possible to check the duration of the warranty
  9. ramakanta

    Menu Key Not working

    in MS word 2007 My menu key not working for spelling correction check . how it work ??/. previously it was ok .
  10. srkmish

    Unable to skip disk checking on Windows Xp

    Sometimes when my computer shuts down abnormally, on next boot the disk checking screen shows up and no matter how hard i bang the keyboard to press skip, the system just doesnt respond and takes 10 mins to check the disk. :-x. There is nothing wrong with keyboard as everything works fine...
  11. webgenius

    KSRTC cancellation amount refund to credit card

    Hi friends, Recently I cancelled the KSRTC tickets that I had purchased online using my credit card. I haven't received the amount back on my credit card yet. I called up KSRTC and they told that they refunded the amount 2 weeks back, and even gave the reference number of the central bank...
  12. RBX

    OneNote : disable spell check for a particular style

    I have to create notes for a friend, and would like to disable spell check for the Code style, such that it stays disabled even when he sees it.
  13. Flash

    Risinglife NGO - Is it scam?

    I got a call few minutes from an Unknown number saying "Sir, we are calling from an NGO. Bla bla bla. We need an help from you. There's a small girl named XXXX who is having hole in her heart. His father is a labour and he's not earning much to borne the cost of the surgery. The surgery costs X...
  14. ShankJ

    How to check mobo/or any other part serial no ?

    I recently had to give my laptop to the HP service center for a motherboard replacement.. Now i wish to check if they havnt changed any other component of my notebook.. HP customer service people have told me to note down all the part number and then cross check with them but how do i get all...
  15. rhitwick

    Demonoid is back!

    Guys, Demonoid is back. check it here My log-in credentials are working, check if yours too...
  16. furious_gamer

    PC not booting after power cut.

    Last Friday, after power cut, my PC is not booting up. The motherboard light is on, but CPU fan is not spinning. Now, what are the things do i need to check?
  17. D

    facebook side bar error

    hello can any one help me to get my old settings in fb.. my account is changed..plz check the side bar in black color.i wanna remove that.
  18. T

    Hardcore PC Gamers

    Hello everyone, I founded this page named, Hardcore PC Gamers on Facebook a while ago. It started getting subscribers lately and it has grown to around 800 fans. We are now dedicated to post stuff that would be of interest of gamers and appreciate their activity on the page. We would like...
  19. .jRay.

    HTC ONE available for preorders

    HTC ONE finally available for preorders on flipkart for Rs.42900, will ship last week of may. Check it out.
  20. Flash


    How not to use Google Glass Mashable's video is going viral everywhere. :mrgreen: Google changed the way we search; Instead of saying "Search in Google", we say "Just Google". Just as Google, there's a new word created with the Google's glass... Check it for yourself - Urban Dictionary...
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