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Simply.. Evolution !!
Guys my father is trying to make some small profit over the stock market.

He is asking whether there its any software that would automatically update the status (rates) so that he doesn't all the time wanna go to the website to check the price.

I donno anything regarding that...I searched the forums but couldn't find anything similar....

Could you people suggest something ?


There are software or Apps available to just see the updates on iOS [ iPad, iPhone] and Mac OS X.

This are free apps which you can download from the App Store.

For Windows :

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Kotak Securities Software

You should google for others.

Note : This softwares are only good to provide you and your father with some useful information, Please do not TRADE based on this softwares.

You and your father should rely on for the best experience. [ They have new interface NOW ]

Other alternative will be to BUY the REAL TRADING Software from Stock Exchange itself.
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