LG announces two more OLED TV's


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After releasing the oled tv in korea, Lg has annoounce the launch of Two more oled tv's in 40" and 70" size and thus becoming the largets oled tv manufacturer. Check out this link on more info on this LG Announces Two More OLED TVs (40'' and 70'')
Oh that's great news for oled tech as the smaller screen sizes may appeal to those who are willing to get the tv. This also gives a glimpse that the mass production of oled may begin soon which will result in the pricing of these tv's to go down. Though I am qute surprised that LG didn't make any announcement about these tv's at the CES 2013.

Ankit Omar

Broken In
If I’m not wrong LG hasn't announced these two sizes of OLED TV in 2013 CES in Vegas, isn't it? If yes, then why didn't they reveal it in CES at that time?
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