GTX560(non Ti)


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Just wanted to know is GTX560 a under performer than GTX480..?

Well, Check this out.. 50b96fc726ece21fa7000004.jpg


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That game will work fine on your PC. See this Far Cry 3 System Requirements and Far Cry 3 requirements for PC Games
no I dont think a 560 is faster than a 480.
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@ OP - this should help :


here's the system requirements of FC3 :

Minimum Specs

CPU: Intel Core2 Duo E6700/AMD Athlon64 X2 6000+ or equivalent dual-core
Video: Nvidia GTX8800/AMD Radeon HD2900 or equivalent 512MB DirectX 9c card
Memory: 4GB

Recommended Specs

CPU: Intel Core i3-530/AMD Phenom II X2 565 or equivalent quad-core
Video: Nvidia GTX480/AMD Radeon HD5770 or equivalent 1024MB DirectX 11 card
Memory: 4GB

Hi-Performance Specs

Video: Nvidia GTX680/AMD Radeon HD7970 or equivalent shiny new DirectX 11 card
CPU: Intel Core i7-2600K/AMD Bulldozer FX4150 or equivalent quad-core
Memory: 8GB


.::Lost in the EchO::.

yea, saw that..when i clicked on that "Is your PC Ready ?" @Nvidia.. it showed an upgrade option, stating the minimum game requirements..
so i posted..560's < 480's performance..?
and i thought it might be a glitch.. :|

well, GTX 560 is 20-25% slower than GTX 480.

:| how is it possible..? (prob overclocked ?)
u mean 20-25% slower to run FC3 or in general ?
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