Want to check my gfx card


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I want to check my graphics card. Is there any software available that would help me verify that it's running absolutely fine?
msi N450GTS 1GBDDR5


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the time you feel something awkward the card must have gone fishing....

Else nothing is wrong..
PS:Give details of your problem


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actually, I've very less idea about the gpu temperature. I mean what is the temperature that's safe for operation for a long time?
I got this used card from a person. I just wanted to check if its running fine.
I have a minor issue. While booting, the windows logo doesn't show up. Can such problems arise if the card doesn't receive enough power?


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Download a tool called HWMonitor. This tool will show you all the information including the thermals of all the components present in the system. Open this tool and it will monitor all the temperature changes in Real time. Now run some GPU dependent benchmarks which can stress the GPU over 80%. Now you can see the temperature changes inside the HWMonitor. You can use Luxmark benchmark to stress the GPU.


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@ Op - whatever you do don't use Furmark/Kombuster and for some benchmark apps try 3DMark111 Basic, Unigine Heaven and of-course play some games and s for temps you should not be worried unless the gpu hits 90c+ and about windows logo it has nothing to do with the gfx card.


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My card never goes beyond 69c on heavy overclock while playing.i use msi afterburner to monitor while playing games.
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