1. C

    Buying Headphone

    Hi All, After recommendation from Gurus on tDF, i am going to buy Denon AHD 510. On Ebay and most of the online sites it is at Rs.4890. upwards. Please tell me is this price is fine or I can check somewhere else. Regards, Chintan
  2. Thetrueblueviking

    RADE0N 7770 - Best variant out of these - Mumbai.

    Now that I ve decided to go for the HD 7770 - I ve to choose one of the following Variants - 1] ASUS variant - I am getting this locally for a price of 9.3 k - check it on flipkart - Asus AMD/ATI HD 7770 Direct CU 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card | Graphics Card | 2]MSI variant- getting...
  3. aaruni

    FPS Game Suggestion

    Suggest any FPS game (preferably Free To Play), which is offline and can be run on my laptop. (Check signature for specs)
  4. M

    bypass the performance check of COH: Opposing fronts

    How can i bypass the performance check of COH: Opposing fronts. I got a solution from google (fatnic try opening a command prompt and changing to your dvd drive. then running setup.exe bypass that will bypass the performance check guys tell me how can i do this) but its not working for me...
  5. D

    Mac OS X on laptops

    I sure like no non sense mac OS X - and hence here in comes the query. Has anybody been able to configure mac os x on their laptop and use it reliably without hiccups - I am looking at possibility of this being done. And wanted to check here - if already somebody done that. couple of...
  6. D


    hi Guys Thanks for replying to my earlier threads.Its pretty much useful. I want to check power supply of my system.Is there any way to check smps strength and power supply.:-o
  7. dissel

    Found a 3-way 2.0 system (PC speaker) @ affordable price...Is it worth the price ?

    hello to all experts, I just looking for crystal clear sound for my daily music needs and found this Computer Speakers price, Buy Genius SP-HF1800A Three Way HiFi Wood, PC Speakers Review - Is this product worth the got 50w RMS power. Not looking/expecting bass from...
  8. Raaabo

    TDF Upgraded - Post bugs here please

    hi guys, we've upgraded TDF to VB 4.2. Need your help to post about anything we've missed here. Thanks! Obviously, the header, footer, ads, and everything related to styles is being worked on by ico. We've managed to fix attachments, albums, avatars, etc, but I'd appreciate it if everyone...
  9. pranavgautam67

    Dv6-6154tx Owners - a Question For You!!

    Please Answer This. I want to know if u are able to update your Gpu Driver to 12.6 version.. Well, i am not able to.... How to Do: Right clock on Desktop Graphic Properties Information Software Update Check For Update Are u finding any update??
  10. S

    Dell launches new 13″ notebook in India

    Hello Guys, As searching for my laptop buy, I just found this news and thought to wait for them to coming. They will hit the store by a week. Just like What I want perfectly :-D:-D:-D Check out the following two Links This and this. Also check out Dell US - Here, Hope they will...
  11. Gauravs90

    Check if IPv6 is working with your ISP.

    Hi.... As you all know IPv6 has been recently launched. Can you all post if your ISP is able to open an IPv6 address. For ex copy and paste this address in your browser. *[2002:c247:6b96::1] (I'm not here to promote piracy, but above link should open, Piratebay began...
  12. vickybat

    Dead Space 3 Rumoured

    Guys just found the following link and it has evidence of the same. Check it here
  13. O

    # Additional phone by Bluetooth?! Funny Device?!

    Whatz dhis device? Anyone tried? Will it be helpful? Check out: Some ebay seller is selling this one,reliable? dunno? check: GMATE SIM DEVICE -"MAKE IPOD TO IPHONE" IPAD,IPHONE & ANDROID TO DUAL SIM MOBILE | eBay
  14. ajayritik

    Size of movie rips to watch on 46" LED-backlit LCD TV

    Hi Guys, I recently (today) bought a 46" LED TV and would like to know what size movie rips should I need to look for when I want to watch it on this. Also for 3D content what kind of specs do I need to check for the movie clips? Samsung D6000
  15. G

    how to check whether UDP/IP or TCP/IP is being used in a LAN

    Hi, Is it possible to check whether UDP/IP or TCP/IP is being used in a LAN? If so how to check it? Please tell me.
  16. digitalage

    path for java.exe

    Hi I have multiple installations of jre on my machine, how can I check which jre is reffered when I am using "java" command. I can check the version but I want to know exactly which java.exe is getting executed. please let me know if there is any env variable which stores it.
  17. Siddharth_1

    Internet connection check in C++

    I wanted to know that how to can i a c++ program that can check for an active internet connection.
  18. M

    Apple Ipad event!

    I think launch date for iPad 3 has been announced as March 7. Check Here: Apple-sends-out-invites-for-march-7-ipad-event
  19. S

    Check before uninstallation using Custom Action - Wise installation Studio 7.0

    Hi friends, I just started using Wise installation Studio 7.0. I need some assistance from you for applying conditions during uninstallation. I have to check for a process whether it is in running condition (which will be listed in Task manager) before proceeding with the uninstall procedure...
  20. R

    The Smartphone Blog

    Started a small blogging project. Writing about smartphones. Check it out Here is the link
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