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  1. blackpearl

    Does SBI accept dollars check?

    I received an adbrite check which is in dollar, and I have an SBI account. Can I deposit the check to SBI? How much will they charge for conversion? thanks
  2. krates

    why ampere is fundamental unt in S.I rather than charge

    why ampere is fundamental unt in S.I rather than charge I = Q/T ( Q= Charge ; T= time ; I= current) So why current is a fundamental unit ?? it should be a derived unit man Please give me a proper explanation. :p
  3. Plasma_Snake

    FS: CPU,GPU,MoBo

    Looking for sale of the following products; Processor- Intel Core2Duo E6300(Stock HSF)= 2K + Shipping GPU- ASUS EN7600GT 256MB GDDR3 VRAM = 2K + Shipping MoBo-ASUS P5LD2VM SE(945G/ICH7R)= 2K + Shipping Below are the product shots. Interested folks PM me...
  4. S

    Got mine BSNL Data one BIll after 3 month :(

    NPS Inst charge = 500 rupees ( can anyone tell me what it is ??) Adress Installation = 100 rupees Broadmand-deposit Due - paid - 750 broadband-h-900 fixed charge to :30/4/2008 = 475 rupees broadband - h- 900 modem price + sales tax = 1350.00 rupees (siemens c2110 Modem) broadband-h-900 fixed...
  5. Most Wanted

    Onidas new technology

    Onida lanches its new mobile phone "V110". The most likely feature of this mobile the battery of this mobile will not need to charge till 28 days. as well as many more features.
  6. panacea_amc

    dataone Home 500 querry

    aftr much searching, i decided to go 4 home 500 dataone.but i ve sum more questns- 1. i dnt ve a landline.i want to set up da landline only 4 net,nt 4 any cals.wat shud i do n wat extra cost does IT bear? 2. wat wud da cal charge be on the fone when the net is connectd?wats da phone rental...
  7. R

    Increase in airtel gprs tariff??

    i used to surf using my 12/day gprs conn. but now from about 2 weeks they charge 15/day.that's fine coz i think the're upgrading to edge but they deduct a lot more than rs15.and not uniform too.are they gonna charge for downloads too?????????? i think torrents might be the culprit coz i only use...
  8. shift

    Internet through GPRS

    hi guys, a friend of mine wanted to use her cell phone to connect internet through her computer using GPRS location is bangalore pliz tell me in details 1. how much do airtel people charge per kb? (vodafone charge 1paise per kb[HATE vodafone in GPRS]) 2. how much is the speed? i mean is it...
  9. L

    guidance reqd:Bad DDR RAM

    I had 12 256 mb DDR1 Ram which i gave to a vendor for repairing. the vendor gave me back 9 of them in ok condition. He told he just cleaned them with solution, which made them ok. The solution is whitish in nature and a mixture of some corrosive solution like actone and three other...
  10. drgrudge

    Where to get Custom WordPress Theme done?

    I'm looking forward to dress up my blog with a custom WP theme. I'm looking for some Indian Designers as they charge less. Any one here has any idea as:- - where to get it done - how much they charge and, - recommend some designers.
  11. devil_me

    charge your mobile once every month

    It seems that in some time we dont require to charge our mobiles and ipods every 1 or 2 days instead can keep them on for more than several weeks without a recharge. A laptop can go on for a whole day too. Its not magic but a new battery technology. Read this to know what I am actually talking...
  12. nix

    how much does apple india charge to change ipod battery?

    its been about one year since i got my ipod and after constant heavy usage, the battery power is on the downslide. i barely manage to get around 4-5 hrs of music playback. now i got this as a gift. it was purchased in the USA. how much rupees will apple charge me to replace the old battery with...
  13. A

    Charge battery with Rs.10 currency note

    If you want to know how to charge your Nokia phone with a Rs.10 currency note, visit: http://mobilomania.rediffiland.com/s...tId=1196506538 I have not tried it. Guys, plz try it and let me know if it works or not.
  14. M

    Windows XP crash - blue screen of death

    Right, i have a Dell vostro 1500 with; 120 gig SATA 2 GB DDR well, that's about it i think.. OS installed; Dual boot with windows XP home edition and Gutsy Gibbon Kubuntu 7.10 via GRUB I was not home, and my room mate accidentally crashed my windows. HE says that he'd been using the...
  15. the.kaushik

    BSNL bill help!

    I got my first bill details recently! Got huge bill and shocked! When i saw the details i saw that there was something called "Miscellaneous Facility Charges" and its 1500! What charge is that? Any body know about it? Also there was a "Less Adjustment Amount" of 500 what is that for!
  16. C

    NDS India Ltd. looking for Game designers / Game artists / Game coders

    Hi you guys, Just wanted to let you know that NDS Ltd. is hiring for our Games Team. Here, we dont develop for PC (not yet, but we're starting soon), instead we make games for Set Top Boxes. For e.g. Tata-Sky, and the soon to come Bharti STBs. Disclaimer: Only two of the games on Tata-Sky were...
  17. T


    hi do any one know how much tax one has to pay when oderind some hardware from foreign web sellers...i mean do custome charge some amount or is it free upto a limit
  18. the.kaushik

    Should i go for relience BB

    Hi friends, I am facing a confusion! I have applied for BSNL BB 3months before and every week i go to the office and they say sir next week for sure!And also add Bangalore telecoms is the best and also not ready to take bribe and give the connection and says "We don't take bribe"(They took 400...
  19. bikdel

    how to charge a USB only MP3 player?

    hey guys... im am stuck now because of one reason... WHY THE HELL DONT THE NEW MP3 PLAYERS COME WITH STANDARD AC-DC ADAPTERS.. how in the hell am i going to charge my mp3 player (T SONIC 610 and Sansa e 250) when i am out of home? we wont get a computer all the time... if it had been...
  20. D

    a portable mp3 player

    i would like to buy a portable mp3 player worth rs4000. it should have atleast 2gb of memory and fairly good if not exceptional sound quality.i should be able to transfer songs from the pc to the player without the use of any software.inbuilt speaker support is desired but not compulsory. .it...
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