1. Charley

    Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 :- Need Help

    1. I need ringtones for sms and calls. Where can I download them and how to install them ? 2. How long does the battery last on a single charge ? For me the battery is finishing quickly. 3. How to zoom[camera] manually ? 4. Is Android 2.2 upgradeable ? If yes, how to upgrade ?
  2. avichandana20000

    Mobile Number Portability

    vodafone is launching MNP tomorrow all over INDIA. anyone wish to avail VODAFONE SERVICE without sacrificing his/her current mobile number(of any operator) can join vodafone family. You only have to give an SMS to 1900 like this : PORT<space>Mobile No You will get a code after SMS which...
  3. R

    Nokia PC Suite shows charging

    when I plug in the usb cable for data transfer to work with PC suite , my nokia 6151 doesn't charge and also when the phone isn't charging, the battery status bar on the Nokia PC Suite still indicates that the phone is charging? :???::???:
  4. S

    mobile charging problem

    I have no power supply in my hostel. I need to charge my mobile phone . plese give suggesions
  5. F

    Airtel gprs charging my balance when it should'nt

    I have Nokia 7210 with Airtel connection. I activated 98 rs per month gprs plan but when I use my mobile's built-in browser it deducts my balance and when i use opera mini or my pc to connect it does not charge me. What can I do to surf freely in my phone's native browser? Please help.
  6. B

    new Laptop battery not charging

    Hi i bought lenovo nettop. it says "0% plugged in charging " but does not charge. Help me. Its polymer battery
  7. A

    buying phone from

    is anybody had any experience of buying mobile phone from ? is is reliable ? they show me price Rs13200 if they charge any extra charge while shipment ? eg. VAT TAX etc i m planing to place order next month for Samsung i7500.
  8. anish_sha

    Help : Anyone can get me a HP coupon?

    i have just added the free windows 7 upgrade kit to the cart, for which my laptop is eligible for... but the shipping charge is 39$ , too much... anyone can get me a free delivery coupon? it will be useful for me....
  9. panacea_amc

    transcend mp3 flash player probleM

    hello, i own a 4gb transcend mp3 player. when i usd to charge it usin usb port 4m my pc, it gets chargd. but when i charge it frm a current plug, it hardly gets chargd. i chargd it overnite, but still it didnt get chargd although d chargim icon appeard while charging. plz help. thanks.
  10. montsa007

    Getting a laptop from america - help me out

    Well i am into buying things from abroad through online shopping. Some parcels get misplaced in the way but not all. And i've been lucky to save on customs duties always. Now am interested for a laptop from usa and i find that customs tend to steal it and even charge duties like madmen...other...
  11. abhijit_reddevil

    Standoff between film producers and multiplex owners end

    It's official. The stand off between producers and multiplex owners over revenue sharing is finally over. According to filmmaker Mukesh Bhatt, the breakthrough came late on Friday morning. "Yes, the strike got over at 3am. All the parties agreed to our demand and we all will be releasing films...
  12. sourishzzz1234


    I Own a sony ericsson w810i for about 1 n half year...i use it frequently for internet both pc and mobile... i also change sim's daily... from last day i am seeing odd problems...1st after changing a sim the ph refuses to start... when it started then it automatically shut down while starting or...
  13. S

    Plz Help:How to Ship a cellphone?

    hi everyone I want to ship a cellphone from Panipat(Haryana) to Kolkatta I went to DTDC couries service and they told me that they'll not ship so far in kolkata as airport authorities will not allow to ship battery (danger:explosive in nature) then i went to bluedart n they told that they'll...
  14. S

    some questions abt laptops

    well, how much power(watt) does a normal laptop needs? is it possible to use external batteries with the laptop..or is there provision like mobile where we can have any numbers of batteries..charge batteries with out mobile...and if one finishes put another one... is it possible with the...
  15. B

    Registration fee for hosting .net site..?

    Hi, I am planning to host a website designed in ASP.Net 2.0. How much will be the registration charge that I need to pay to microsoft.?
  16. S

    Charging a cell phone(Nokia 5220)

    Yesterday I bought Nokia 5220. The vendor asked me to charge it for 8 hours. But within 2 and a half hours itself the cell displayed "the battery is fully charged. please remove the charger to save current" or something like that. I duly obliged. Now after 24 hours the phone's battery was fully...
  17. M

    UPS Battery Gone - Help Needed

    Hey friends, I have got a Wipro Weplogic UPS. Earlier it was giving good backup now as soon as the Power is gone it makes Many Mant Tu Tu Tu Tu sound and gone. I think the battery is gone completely, even tried to charge it for hours, but gone. Wanna change the battery. It's 600 VA UPS, so...
  18. Plasma_Snake

    UPS Backup reduced???

    As most of the forum members know, I recently bought a APC Smart 1KVA UPS. I had been using it for keeping my system up and running while the power's gone and that meant usually an hour but in worst cases maybe 2 hrs on full charge BUT the important thing is that it kept running without any...
  19. dotcommakers

    Nokia E90 - Warranty - Bill - 2GB card - Pouch

    JUST 9MONTH OLD NOKIA E90 WITH FREE 2GB CARD AND POUCH WITH ALL ORIGINAL ACCESSORIES Location is Rajkot - Gujarat - India. Will ship via Bluedart so make sure that you will get it fast. Will charge for shipping what they charge me! Give me your best offer! Please be serious don't...
  20. godsownman

    Compaq / HP Ipaq H3800 Battery

    Hello everyone: My dads got a Compaq ( now HP) Ipaq H3800. Its roughly abt 5-6 years old. Since two days the machine refuses to boot on battery power, I leave the machine to charge - it charges and the charge bar shows that it moves and goes to 100% and completes charging. However the...
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