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guidance reqd:Bad DDR RAM

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I had 12 256 mb DDR1 Ram which i gave to a vendor for repairing.

the vendor gave me back 9 of them in ok condition. He told he just cleaned them with solution, which made them ok. The solution is whitish in nature and a mixture of some corrosive solution like actone and three other chemicals. his charge is Rs.300/- per ram. The other 3 he can repair at charge of Rs.500/- as it parity chip is faulty.

Any idea what could be the solution, and should we try ourself on others faulty rams.

GURUs please guide. Are athe thinks so easy???????
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oh that solution - might be acetone / alcohol / spirit and some other chem..it usually comes in Pink / White color.it is just a cleaner,nothing more than that.and if i'm not wrong it does not cost more than 50 bucks for a 20 ml bottle.


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i think one can clean the connector with an ink eraser too...as for repair..there is nothing you can do about it..ddr1 ram are hardly available..only second hand...
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