1. R

    Yahoo Pc - PHONE calll...!!!!!!!!!

    * Hey see this. I dont know it is the old issue or not. But this yahoo!! Offer is very cheap. Like we can call India at the rate 5Rs .!!! AMazing, Here In Dubai, minimum price for web to Indian phone call is 12 Rs..! But why I post this topic here is ...
  2. V

    Dataone Billing Qn

    Hi guys, we know that the dataone free usage is between 2 am and 8 am.. i logged in at 2.15 and logged out at 9 am. I wanna know whether bsnl wil charge me for usin between 8 to 9 or for 2.15 to 9? With rgds, Vimal
  3. M

    AIRTEL connection cost..

    i want to get a airtel connection.Can i have special no ie 98314517**.Is it possible to get such no. and is the SIM delivered instanteneously and what will be the charge for that.SIM charge+ any other charge. PLZ help ...
  4. T

    internet by airtel gprs

    hello everyone,I want to browse internet in my computer through the airtel gprs.I have a SAMSUNG X100mobile phone .Is this possible on my handset.Also i have a query about the billing.they say they will charge RS.100 for 1 month unlimited this all they will charge or there is some hidden...
  5. P

    queries about airtel gprs

    hi, i have a airtel prepaid card.i have activated gprs in my mobile and i want to know if they charge anything for browsing various sites.i asked the customer care and they told that they charge for downloading.But that i know.The problem is that they dont know what is the charge for browsing...
  6. P

    dial up charges

    i use a dialup connection from bsnl to connect to internet.can anyone please tell me the separate phone charges and the internet charges they charge from us particularly at night after 11.thanking u all in advance :roll: :roll: :roll:
  7. K

    DigiCam Recharging Blues

    I bought a new digi cam that charges via USB The charge lasts only about a day... so I cant take it to long trips Is there any way to charge it other than USB ?
  8. shreyadr

    few queries......

    1) what is blog ? 2) is it different by groups ? 3) if i want web access for my own group. should i go for blog or group ? 4) how much space they provide ? 5) are they free of charge ? 6) in case of groups, which one is better yahoo or google or any other ? 7) in case of blogs which one is...
  9. S

    PRINTER - is repair worth it....????????

    PRINTER - is repair worth it....???????? Hi friends I have one EPSON LX 300 dot matrix printer which i have been using from last three years. Now some problem has arisen and it is now beyond my ability to troubleshoot. Seems there is something seriously wrong with the printer...
  10. Akshay

    Report - K508i

    Well its been over a month I have been using Sony Ericsson K508i... Few experiences and suggestions: If you have signal problem, SE is a definite no-no. Nothing beats the Nokia in the signal reception One more problem that I have come across is the phonebook. Even if I'v stored a number in...
  11. P

    Want Network Observation Software for internet usage ..!!

    My Dear Friends i am working in company in which have 125 computer and 12 servers In one server connect with 512KBPS unlimited Internet Line which is charge per MB use 1 Rs. speed very very Good but charge is also hiiiii..>!! now i have to observer all 125 computer daily basis which...
  12. Choto Cheeta

    Any software for monitoring internet data trancefar

    reliance lounched 650/- permonth with 1GB data limit, but after 1GB they will charge 5/- per mb this what that going to hert a lot..... so i dont want to be charge that one.... so i would like know is there any software that is going to monitor trafic & tell me how much datatrncefar has happned....
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