1. G

    Charging phone while recording videos?

    Hello, to all of you. How are you? I want to know Is it ok to charge the Phone while recording videos using external battery pack, as you know sometimes while travelling the battery of the phone has very less power left and suddenly some video need comes on that time, Is it safe to...
  2. B

    Slow charging Galaxy and Moto G series

    Hi Guys, I have read on the internet regarding fast charging hurting the battery. I am okay if the phone takes its time to charge if it helps the battery. I have few queries- 1. To slow charge a Galaxy or a Moto G series, do we have to turn off fast/turbo charging from the settings and then...
  3. A

    Mobile multipin car charger

    Require one for my motorola mobiles.where can i buy one with multipins to charge both motorola mobiles,require for maruti s cross i am buying.Also please suggest a car mobile holder which can accomodate moto g 2 size phones and withstand car jhatkas in bad road.thanks
  4. Ronnie11

    Fast Charging Power Bank

    Hey guys, I own a MI 10400 mah which i had purchased from flipkart a year ago. Used it regularly and its been reliable,but what i sorely missed from this was fast charging. Its incredibly slow to charge your phone with this powerbank. My primary phone is a oneplus one. Its nowhere close to wall...
  5. Rockstar11

    BSNL Why not for other circle??

    BSNL plan for Hyderabad BBG Combo ULD 611 offer unlimited broadband at 4Mbps up to 40GB and 1Mbps after crossing 40GB. The plan come at a monthly fixed charge of Rs 611 including 25 free calls to BSNL network without any fixed charge for telephone. and we are paying 675rs for 512 Kbps...
  6. A

    How much should I tip my hair stylist

    Hi , I get my hair cut done at Essensulas(sub brand of tony &guy) . I usually pick out offers from Groupon /news paper. So the usual charge is 150-200 for hair cut +shave+wash done by a senior stylist . How much is the usual tip, I feel I could make him feel offended by paying him less so I...
  7. B

    Airtel drops plans to charge extra for internet voice calls

    news from The Hindu Buckling under pressure, leading telecom player Bharti Airtel has dropped its plans to charge extra for internet voice calls or VoIP service available through apps like Skype and Viber. “In view of the news reports that a consultation paper will be issued shortly by...
  8. webgenius

    DSLR newbie: Looking for help

    Hi guys, I bought a Nikon D5200 last week with 15-55mm kit lens and 8GB class10 SDHC card with camera bag. I have never used a DSLR before, but interested in enhancing my photography skills. Need your help with these questions (please don't laugh at these questions, I'm too new to DSLRs)...
  9. A

    weird phone behavior , pls help !!!

    Hi all, I have a samsung galaxy s advance bought in Aug 2012 All of a sudden my phone has started to behave werirdly. I had kept my phone for charging overnight but the next day morning it showed that there was no charge.I tried plugging it again and again in different electcrical sockets...
  10. abhidev

    My Nexus 4 stopped charging :(

    Till yesterday it was charging and working perfectly...but today morning when I kept it for didn't charge at all. And now trying different solutions from the internet it has drained completely. I had ordered it from the US and its over an year old out of warranty...also...
  11. S

    Higher Capacity Battery Issue

    I am presently owning a ZTE Blade C V807 with a 1600mAH Stock Battery. But the Battery isn't performing well. Is it possible to get a more Powerful and Long-Lasting Battery to get it compatible with ? Battery has : 1600 mAH(6.0Wh); Nominal Voltage of 3.7V and Charge Voltage of 4.2V. Please do...
  12. S

    Need a little help about custom charges and buying from foreign countries.

    Only experienced people are welcome . Actually i am planning to buy shoes from USA , my friends lives there so he will buy it from there and ship it to india (to my place) , i have read on custom policies that things under 5k will not charge custom if its sent as a gift , i have never done this...
  13. Ronnie11

    Portable Power Bank for Mobile phone

    Hello people, so i need a portable power bank for my phones. Smartphones as we all know have poor battery life and while travelling, i always cant seem to find a charging point to charge my phones. So am looking for a portable charger with capacity of about 7500mah or more. My primary phone...
  14. M

    S3 Battery Issues

    Hi guys I own six month old S3,of late whenever i charge it it does show the battery is charging but it doesnot charge actually;then I unplug my mobile in switch on and replug it and then it charges.Please let me know what could be the reason for this. Regards, Mandar.
  15. sling-shot

    Sony Xperia ZR

    I have recently bought a Sony Xperia ZR Black from Flipkart. Previously my reliable workhorse was Nokia E6-00. My wife has the Live With Walkman phone and so had some hands on experience of Android. The first thing I had to do was get a MicroSIM which was provided by Idea for Rs 61. Now I...
  16. A

    VAT Rates Charge in Delhi

    helo frnds, pls tell me how many % VAT and taxes charge on computer hardware in nehru place market in Delhi by shopkeepers
  17. Y

    Kindle 3 (WiFi) battery dead!

    I have a kindle keyboard for 2 years now and suddenly last week the battery dies and the screen stays at low battery screen. When I try to charge it the orange light stays for 5 secs and then it goes blank. I have tried to reset it via button and have also removed battery for 10 mins but it...
  18. warfreak

    Micromax Co-Owner arrested

    No, its not for making substandard phones. It was for giving bribe. Totally unrelated to the phones. :lol::lol: CBI arrests Micromax promoter, executive on charge of bribing civic officials - The Times of India
  19. V

    Is it safe to charge mobile by connicting it to a tv

    hi, I was thinking of connecting my mobile to my Samsung LCD TV for charging and I tried it and it works is it safe to charge mobile by connecting it to tv usb slot I think it is safe because it a usb and it just a 5 volt dc current :lol:
  20. N

    Discussion: Consumer Court

    Hi, I have read somewhere on this forum about an agency/3d party service which fights our case in consumer court. They charge something around 500 Rs for same. Does anyone here know such service ?
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