1. S

    laptop battery doesn't charge full issue

    hi,guys and girls, i just bought a laptop a couple days ago, sadly to sya that the battery doesn't charge past 45% and then shuts down without any warning,. I am frustrated and wonder if i have got a dead battery? Any symptoms will indicator that your battery have suffer from failure? This...
  2. Godoftheforbiddenlight

    wishnet broadband service query

    i am thinking of going to wishnet as alliance is not available i will be going for the 1.5 mbps plan thats 10/8 mbps at night and has 45mbps peering speed costs me 1800 ..........can anyone tell me is it worth it or not all the reviews on the net are of 2011 thus it would of great help i was...
  3. B

    Discussion: How come my laptop battery dies out a lot ?

    I just bought new battery and it's my 3rd time buying my ac adapter. my ac adapter always get extremly hot and when my laptop battery is going low it take about 2 hours to charge it back up to 100%. Usually it takes less thant 40 minute to charge it back to full charge. Anyone knows what's...
  4. C

    BSNL modem change query

    My BSNL broadband wasn't working. Other than LAN and power, the DSL light is ON but the Internet light is not. The BSNL guy came and said the modem is not working. He said that he'll check and tell me if the modem is in warranty or not. I chose the option of "Modem on monthly rental basis"...
  5. R

    BAttery NOT Charging!!

    Hello freinds!! I am using a nokia X3.It comes with a 860mh li-on BL-4CT battery. It was working fine for 2 years but from some days it is not charging. Even after keeping in charge for 7-8hrs it gets charged to a max of 20% only. So i have to give it charge 7-8 times a day now so i could...
  6. S

    Tablet Battery Guide: In a bit detail

    There are lots of tablets in these days to so many users and all contain a common part, The Battery. I found some good information while searching on the net and after so many comparisons I decided to bullet some points on ‘How to make your tablet battery running longer while giving a good...
  7. T

    Gfx card not working

    I have a 8600GT. Its not working of late. Now my query is should I give it for repairs? I mean can it really be repaired properly against the money they will charge? Or is it better to buy a new one? Plz suggest me. Thank you.
  8. kool

    Need help in PPT presentation for my class. :(

    Guys i need ur help. Having power point presentation on 9th dec 2011. And i've choose this topic. Just read and give me ur view or any other content can be added to make more powerful presentation. Also need suggestion to add some good animation, graphics, chart. Plzzzz help... this is my 1st...
  9. sunny4691

    UPS Problem

    Guys my current UPS is almost dead, it gives no backup and it keeps restarting my pc when the voltage flickers a bit which happens a lot in my area, i have also changed the battery but it is not able to charge the battery, so i was thinking of buying a new ups, and wanted to know is Intex 1000VA...
  10. S

    Finally someone Made real life TRON bike!!!

    Awesome Electric Tron Lightcycle By Parker Brothers This new Tron Lightcycle is powered by a 96 volt electric motor, and some lithium ion battery cells, it is capable of speeds over 100mph and can travel for about 100 miles on one charge. It takes around 35 minutes to charge the...
  11. pratik385

    How to install Clean windows 7 on Dell xps

    Hi everyone, i got my laptop yesterday. I want few answers first: 1.Tell for how many hrs should i charge it as i have heard that we have to charge it for 6-8hrs. It came fully charged from the box. And ive used it little much last night but i started laptop with ac power on in the eve...
  12. F

    Basic RAM questions

    OK so I have been looking to upgrade the RAM on my Dell N5030 to the maximum of 2 x 4GB, but one RAM supplier (offtek) is charging the same price for two types with different numbers. So I was wondering what the difference is between the two types, please? 204 Pin 1.5v DDR3 PC3-8500 SoDimm...
  13. Sarath

    How to get powered USB ports even after shut down?

    I knew that my motherboard has this feature or so I feel; the USB ports can charge a device even after the PC has been turned off but connected to the power outlet. I am using an Asus P8P67 mobo. Currently they are not able to do that which I have checked through all the ports multiple number...
  14. T

    mobo for X6 1055T???

    pals... already got msi 460tgx 1gb ddr5 cooler master elete 460w seagate 500 gb needed 2 buy a procy and mobo...... procy decided, x6 1055T now needed 2 decide mobo...??? i have thought of GA-880GM/USB3 mobo... - 4600 rs. as i charge my iphone and ipod usually through comp...
  15. P

    How to calculate Speed Post rates

    This is meant to help those who'd like to be able to estimate the charges they'll have to pay when shipping something by Speed Post. I wondered if I should post it in the thread "Poll: Courier Service Feedback", but it didn't seem to be quite appropriate, so I'm posting it separately. One...
  16. Nipun

    How to update HTC Wildfire's Android?( from 2.1 to higher)

    My cousin purchased new HTC Wildfire A3333. A very great phone IMO :grin: But here is his problem: He has android 2.1 on it. Is there any way to upgrade it to 2.2 or 2.3?? A stupid question from my side: "Do they charge for this 'upgrade'???"
  17. tkin

    5 Month old APC 650va(Kolkata)

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: APC 650VA UPS Expected Price: SOLD Time of Purchase: 12/2010 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes/ 1yr 7months Reason for Sale: Upgrading to GTX580 Rig Purchase Invoice Available: Yes Product Condition: Very...
  18. mohityadavx

    THe Ebay PRoblem

    Hi! I wanted to ask few questions about ebay which are:- 1)Do ebay charge for a listing even if it is not sold? 2)Are there any charge for relisting. 3)What are the charges for items lying between Re 1 to Rs 1000.
  19. IronCruz

    Laptop Charger

    Hello Everybody!! I bought a Dell laptop from USA. Now i would like to know how to charge my laptop in India? Tell me exactly what i need to do!!?
  20. mohityadavx

    wanna know about licensing

    Hi! I wanna know can we distribute OSS software or software under GNU like Open Office, VLC etc as giveaway in a DVD to lets say all those people who subscribe to my club . we won't charge for the DVD but for membership. Do we need any kind of license to do that or any restriction or rules to...
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