1. sujeet2555

    Writer not reading burned discs

    i have LG GH24NS95 RN01 writer and is 7 month old. it was working good .Until one day i burned some discs through nero ,it burned successfully (not verified).later i tried to read it but it just ejected the tray when dvd drive icon was double clicked. kprobe...
  2. A

    HDD Problem

    Hey guys I have a WD 320 GB Blue edition desktop hard drive which I am using as an external drive using a casing. Yesterday when I connected the drive to my computer via usb port it emitted a burning smell. I immediately disconnected the drive from the computer. I am not sure what exactly...
  3. koolent

    One RAM slot not working ! :(

    Hi, been a long time since I posted here. :) Yesterday while cleaning my PC, took every single component out and washed the cabinet and dried it properly (checked). Now, I came and wiped the motherboard and etc. components with a wet cloth. after that, I took my CPU out for re-TIMing and...
  4. V

    last psu burned my mb...need a new one

    hi everybody... my last psu burned my mobo twice because it was cheap (gsm) now i am looking for a new psu for my pc specs: proc-1055t amd x6 mobo: msi 880gm e-41 corsair 4 gb ram 1 tb hd seagate gonna buy a 6850 budget 3.5k max don't give me hundreds of options...just the best one...
  5. aaruni

    Cant erase CD-RW

    I cant seem to format my CD-RW. I burned it with iTunes and now it doesn't erase.
  6. bobby23

    HDD got burned

    I have the following system: Intel E6700 2.66 Ghz CPU Asus Commando Motherboard 2x2 GB DDR2 Ram 250 GB HDD Sata 2 (Windows 7 is installed in this HDD) 500 GB HDD Sata 2 (where I keep all the files) 400W Zebronics PSU Asus 8400GS graphics card Samsung Sata DVD writer ViewSonic 19”...
  7. S

    security audit of windows pc

    hai friends, I have gone for security check of the computers in my office, during check i just thought that is there is any way that i could get information about the cd or dvd burned through this machine dvd writer i.e date and time when the cd/dvd's have been burned.:!: thanks in advance
  8. sriharsha_madineni

    Is my writer burning correctly??

    I randomly checked a few DVD's burned on my writer Moser Baer DH-20A4P and few burned on several writers. This is what I got in Nero Disc Speed 5 and the media is National 16X results were similar with a Sony 16X dvd burned with my writer and same for DVD's burned with other writers as...
  9. IronCruz

    dual layer dvd

    i bought dual layer dvd for Rs 30/-. i want to burn 7+gb of data in it(not videos). does it take more than 1:30hr to burn? even when i burned normal dvd it took 1hr. is it the problem of nero?or my dvd writer?
  10. Zangetsu

    DVD data invisible...

    I burned the Data DVD in my frnds PC....it was burned succesfully but when i inserted the DVD in my DVD-Writer it is invisible with free space/used space : 0 bytes... But its working fine in his laptop & his Desktop PC....wats the problem :? Is it possible 2 recover the files :shock:
  11. Plasma_Snake

    Wicked lil Penguin

    I was using CD Burner XP as my burning software in XP. Due to its high failure rate I un-installed it and installed Nero. Since it required reboot before continuing the installation of Nero after CD Burner's un-installation, I switched to Linux(OpenSUSE10.3) for a while and decided to burn the...
  12. R

    How to make the dvd bootable at the start ?..before logging in the windows??

    I have a xp cd which i copied to my system and burned it to another cd...But the problem is it is not booting at the starting..whereas the other cd boots at the start.. the same problem am having for my vista disc also..i burned the vista disc onto another cd and tried bootin at the starting it...
  13. W

    DVD Writer not writing DVD writable

    hi all, I am facing a problem with my new LG DVD Writer. The issue is that it is not writing DVD-R. It takes a lot of time and then hangs the entire system. The DVD-R ultimatally gets corrupt. I have wasted a lot of DVDs by doing this. So one day i finally decided to burn a CD-R and a DVD-RW...
  14. gary4gar

    grrr......Why CD buring Fails?

    I was trying to burn Ubuntu 8.04 CD using Default cd writing wizard(Right click on Image > Write to disc) I have now made 4 coasters in a row. WTF! i have tried all speed from 24x to 4x. My burner is Benq 1650, which till now have burned around 25 discs. so its in mint condication. What i...
  15. pritish_kul2

    Putting a lock on a cd

    Can i put a password on a cd which is already burned?
  16. windchimes

    booting troubles with cd

    Hi tech geeks, I copied a bootable cd on to my hdd and burned it as such, but it remains unbottable. How can I make it bootable? cheers
  17. windchimes

    booting troubles with cd

    Hi tech geeks, I copied a bootable cd on to my hadd and burned it as such, but it remains unbottable. How can I make it bootable? cheers
  18. Sridhar_Rao

    Failed optical drive in Dell

    I unfortunately own Dell Inspiron B130 with TS-L632D DVD+-RW from TSSTcorp that came with the machine. After 10 months of purchase the device burned CDs but refused to read them, however it read CDs burned by other system. The problem then progressed to DVD burning too. Now, it fails to burn the...
  19. tango_cash

    i burned dvd after complition it says error while verification....is the dvd ok?

    i have a sony dvd writer . and today i burned a dvd at 8x and checked on verify disc after burning(i always do that). the burning process got over succesfully but during the data verification process it gave "data verification error". i have been burning dvd in past but didn't have this...
  20. I

    Regarding CD writing on cheap CD's

    Ok... here is a weird situation.Some days a friend of mine wrote a cheapo CD with a mp3 and a video from my place and watched it at his place.He says the quality of the music + the video is not upto mark...then later he burned the same stuff on a moserbaer cd and now he says the quality is...
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